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5 Best Atlantic City Casinos

A trip to Atlantic City is not complete without visiting a few casinos. But there are many of these, so you need to make sure that you’re visiting the very best ones in order to get the most out of your visit. Here are five of the top casinos in the area. If you can […]

Stupid Casinos and their Thieves

I recently read that a casino just off the M2 in the UK was robbed by two armed men. The men managed to enter the casino, hold up the cashier and then leave with a fair amount of cash. The police in turn set up some road blocks but were unable to catch these masked […]

Hallelujah! Religion Inspired Slot Games at Online Casinos

Gambling and religion usually mix as well as oil and water.  You’ll find pulpit beating, soap box stamping men from the age of time preaching against the evils of gambling and, hey, that’s OK, it’s a free country.  But I must admit that I get a happy little niggle each time I come across online […]

How Secure are Online Casinos?

I must admit that when I first started gambling online, my biggest fear was the fact that I was exposing my private and financial details over the internet.  A few years down the line, however, with purchasing things over the internet through sites such as Amazon and ebay becoming second nature, I am much more […]

Customer Care at Online Casinos

Last week, I was directed towards a new online casino – whose name I will not mention –  having being told that it looked promising. At first glance, it certainly got my attention – snazzy graphics, lots of marketing hype and a nice games selection. But I decided to cut to the chase and check […]

Rio Carnival Fever at Online Casinos

The Rio Carnival of 2011 kicked off yesterday and I can’t help wishing that I was part of that decadent, festive, noisy and vibrant celebration down in Brazil. This wild, four day celebration, traditionally happening forty days before Easter, finishes on Fat Tuesday which is the beginning of Lent where one would abstain from all […]

Online Casinos Add New Marvel Comics Slot Game

Yay! Just when I though Playtech online casinos couldn’t get any better, along comes the news that this software giant has launched a brand new video slot game – Iron Man 2. For those of you who are familiar with the Marvel Comics series launched by Playtech, they will know just how much fun playing […]

American Casinos Take a Beating

Although the worst of it looks like it’s over, the recession continues to hit casinos where it hurts. Las Vegas and Atlantic City both reported losses in July and August, respectively. While the Strip remained stable, in downtown Las Vegas the win was down by a massive 19% and by 23% in North Las Vegas. […]

The 3 Most Luxurious Casinos in the World

There are hundreds of casinos all over the world, a large portion of which are in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Atlantic City. However, there is a very big difference between a casino and a luxury casino, sort of like the difference between James Bond and your average spy. If you are looking for the […]

Pennsylvania Rolls Out Table Games in Casinos

The news just keeps getting worse for Atlantic City. Not only will their casinos likely have to compete with local online casinos and poker rooms soon, but Pennsylvania’s slots casinos are opening up their table games now. All across Pennsylvania, casinos will soon be offering roulette, craps, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and more. This week, they’ll […]

Massachusetts Senate Wants to Allow Smoking in Casinos

With the recession hitting land-based casinos hard, Massachusetts senators are trying to bring people to the casinos, even if it means taking a serious step backwards in public health. It’s illegal to smoke in a workplace, a bar, or a restaurant in Massachusetts, but Senate leaders want to allow smoking in casinos. Antismoking advocates say […]

Las Vegas Casinos Raise House Edge for Blackjack

A new trend in Las Vegas casinos has left gamblers wondering about blackjack players. Many casinos are offering blackjack with a lower minimum bet and just one deck, but there is a drawback. This game is what is known as 6/5 blackjack. This means that instead of a blackjack paying the standard 3 to 2, […]

Are Online Casinos Really Safe?

The answer to the question of online casino safety is more complex than a simple yes or no. First, not all online casinos are created equal. The vast majority of online casinos are trusted, but there are some rogue online casinos. Rogue online casinos generally do not cheat within the games. They generally only create […]

The Legal Status of Online Casinos in the USA

If you play at online casinos from the United States, you’ve probably heard about the UIGEA, and may wonder what it means for you. The UIGEA is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, and it means that banks are now responsible for preventing cash from reaching sites that accept betting of any sort. That includes […]

Using Betting Systems at Casinos

In the previous post, I discussed how controlling your cash is key in coming out ahead at a casino, whether online or land-based. I mentioned using a betting system called the Martingale. The Martingale system is one of the best known betting systems in the gambling world, and a lot of people use it because […]

Beating the Casinos Without Cheating

Everyone has some crazy method to beat the casinos. The truth is that every house-banked game has a house edge, so you can’t win by just playing a game well. It is, however, important to know how to identify a game with a good house edge versus a game with a bad house edge. For […]

Four Vegas Strip Casinos to Visit

The Vegas Strip is an area of Las Vegas bordered by Sahara Avenue on the north and Russell Road at the southern end. There are a number of hotel casinos on the Vegas Strip, and each one has something different to offer. There are also casinos that are not on the Vegas Strip, so there […]

Key Differences Between Online Casinos and The Real Thing

When people consider playing at an online casino for the first time, they often wonder what the main differences are between a live casino (or brick and mortar version that you can physically walk into) and the growingly popular online version.  To help you understand some of the benefits and drawbacks, here are a list […]

3 Hot Trends for Online Casinos in 2010

One thing that has always interested me is the evolving technology of online casinos.  They seem to be getting more and more advanced every year and I am really wondering where they are headed.  Here are some of the 3 biggest trends that have emerged in the last year or so for casinos online in […]

World’s Biggest Casinos

Casinos around the world seem to keep getting bigger and more luxurious.  Here is a list of the top 10 biggest casinos around the world by square feet. 1. The Venetian Macao (Macao) Currently the 4th largest building in the world, the Venetian casino is the biggest casino anywhere. Square feet: 546,000 Gaming machines: 3,000 […]

Oldest Casinos in the World

If you are looking to take in some historic gambling sites and would like to visit some of the oldest casinos in the world, here is a good list of the oldest casinos still in operation today: Casino de Monte Carlo (aka Grand Casino), Monte Carlo, Monaco The Grand Casino or Casino de Monte Carlo […]

Playing Craps

There are many fun things to do in a casino and if you feel you have a hot hand, then one of the more challenging, but also one of the more profitable ways is dice.  The roll of your hand, throwing the dice out, hoping that you get that lucky number, there is always something […]

How to Bet on Horses

The Preakness, Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes have fun written all over them.  How can watching horses, ladies with giant hats that defy gravity at times, and a circular track sound like fun?  How about when you bet and win money doing so? Gambling has gone back decades, even centuries, and the same can be […]

Identifying A Good Bet

Identifying a good bet is the heart of a successful gambling experience. When you are able to find a good bet, you want to make the most of it. These are two very different concepts, but without mastery over both of them, you will never be profitable over the long run. Let’s briefly look at […]

5 Best Places To Gamble in The United States

When you think about gambling, do any cities come to mind?  Is Las Vegas, Nevada the first place you envision when thinking about the best places to gamble in the United States?  If your answer is “Yes,” you’ve undoubtedly experienced the lights and excitement of Sin City at some capacity.  Maybe you’ve walked down the […]