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Alderney Gambling Commission: Maintaining High Standards in the Online Gambling Industry

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission has been in the news recently as the jurisdiction to order Poker Stars online poker site to cease operations, since the group was not able to keep true to its guarantee to pay out players in a fast and secure manner.   The point is that the AGCC is an […]

Paying with eCheck for your Online Gambling Entertainment

In an industry that is as volatile as the online gambling industry, players are always on the search for banking methods that they can use as an alternative to the traditional credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard.  Online casinos also recognize the fact that players need these alternative methods and the good gaming sites […]

Happy Online Gambling Independence Day !

Finally, that long awaited Independence Day weekend is here, and I’ve managed to do all the things I had on my to-do list (and those that were added for me!) by Friday evening already.  So there I found myself with plenty of time of my hands to pretty much to anything I wanted with my […]

Paying for Online Gambling the Alternative Way

From the moment you open your first online casino account, you will have to make a very important decision – how are you going to transfer money to that account so that you can play at the casino for real money?  One of the natural choices for most online gamblers is to pay via credit […]

Online Gambling and SAHMs

Players from all over the world, and from all walks of life, benefited hugely when online gambling was introduced in the mid 1990s.  One segment of the population in particular which greatly benefited from the opportunity to gamble from home was that of SAHMs or Stay at Home Moms.  Before having kids, these women had […]

The Revolving Door of Online Gambling Legislation in the US

I quite honestly cannot keep up with the different laws and legislations that are pending, being voted on and getting vetoed in US states these days.  When states realized that  no change was going to come about on a federal level and that they weren’t going to see an online gambling bill come into affect […]

Online Gambling Did Well Last Year!

While I am always drawn to newspaper reports that quote statistics and comparisons, I didn’t actually need to read the latest report by H2 Gambling Capital where it showed that the internet gambling industry grew by 12.5% in 2010. I read industry news and frequent portals enough to see that this industry is definitely on […]

Childhood Games Make their Way to Online Gambling Sites

I can remember back to spectacularly happy hours in my childhood, sprawled on the living room carpet with my brothers around a big board game. I can still feel the heavy weight of the dice in my hands, my quiet prayers as I wished for the perfect number combination and those feelings of utter joy […]

Online Bingo – Online Gambling’s Little Sister

A lot of online casinos are all-in-one sites these days. They have a casino, a sportsbook, a poker room, and a bingo room. For those of us who grew up playing bingo in the classroom on days when it was too rainy to go out to recess, it’s hard to imagine how bingo could be […]

Gambling Online on a Budget

Not all of us (um…. me) boast an enormous bankroll where we can play endless online casino games without any concern or thought about the state of our bankroll. The vast majority of us (that’s me again…) need to carefully budget for our online gambling entertainment, ensuring that it doesn’t come in place of life’s […]

What’s Mickey Mouse Got to do with Gambling?

You know those old Disney cartoons of Mickey Mouse the farmer rushing with his rake and hoe to defend his land against whatever evil forces await him (tornadoes, floods, Goofy)?  Well, that’s the image that popped into my head when I read this week that Walt Disney World in Florida objects to the expansion of […]

Becoming an Online Casino Affiliate

There’s no denying that the online casino industry is one of the most revenue-generating in the world, and it is estimated that it is worth over $12 billion – and growing all the time. Everyone wants to get a piece of the action, and there are  lots of opportunity out there.  In the past decade, many […]

Hallelujah! Religion Inspired Slot Games at Online Casinos

Gambling and religion usually mix as well as oil and water.  You’ll find pulpit beating, soap box stamping men from the age of time preaching against the evils of gambling and, hey, that’s OK, it’s a free country.  But I must admit that I get a happy little niggle each time I come across online […]

Three Gambling Items I’d Take to a Desert Isle

Picture this: In true ‘Lost’ fashion, your plane goes down and you manage to swim to shore of a desert island.  What three gambling related items would you take with you to pass the time until your rescue ship comes along? Here’s my list: My laptop – Presuming that by some miracle sea water didn’t […]

Gambling Down Mexico Way

One thing I like doing as the weather starts cooling down is to plan next year’s vacation.  Somehow, knowing that I have a concrete plan in mind regarding next year’s getaway helps me get through the depressing winter months.  The family seems to have their heart set on Mexico next year, each one bringing a […]

Blame it on the Weather: Climate and its Impact on Gambling

You know what they say – when you’ve got nobody to blame, blame it on the weather.  The climate has been blamed for many things, especially in the past decade.  Economies have crashed because of weather-related natural disasters, thousands of lives have been lost, tourism has risen and fallen and world travel has been effected. […]

Gambling in the Holy Land

I recently had the the option of  stopping over in Tel Aviv for 3 days on my flight back from a trip to Australasia.  I had never visited the Holy Land, and was interested to experience day to day life in this young, vibrant country and the only true democracy in the Middle East.  I […]

Online Casino Reviews: Reading Between the Lines

It would be physically impossible to try out every single online casino in existence, and while you’re busy trying, a dozen more will probably pop up by the end of the week.  For that reason, online casino players have come to depend on casino reviews written by gambling portals.  These reviews are there to provide […]

A Trip to Nevada’s Gambling Museum

No trip to Nevada would be complete without a visit to the Gambling Museum which is situated in Virginia City.  This museum is a fitting shrine to the industry that put Nevada on the map and which had Las Vegas crowned the Gambling Mecca of the world for many years before it got overtaken by […]

How Secure are Online Casinos?

I must admit that when I first started gambling online, my biggest fear was the fact that I was exposing my private and financial details over the internet.  A few years down the line, however, with purchasing things over the internet through sites such as Amazon and ebay becoming second nature, I am much more […]

Gambling on Animals

Animals, whether they like it or not, have always been an intricate part of the gambling world.   Sports betting markets include a wide range of betting options on animals, with the most obvious being horse racing, which generates literally billions of dollars around the globe each year.  Punters are able to wager small amounts […]

Russian Roulette: Gambling the Soviet Way

Complete the picture – cold Serbian nights, stomach warming vodka and….?  My choice would definitely be a game of  cards around a poker table, huddled together with my comrades, wagering roubles until the morning light.  OK, sometimes my imagination runs wild – but you get the idea… gambling is, and always had been, part and […]

How do you know when you’re Obsessed with Gambling?

No, this isn’t going to be one of those blogs that tell you how to identify if you or someone you know has a gambling problem.  I have a lot of respect for those guys who actually can own up to the fact that they’re problem gamblers, as well as for those gambling aid groups […]

Going Retro on the Reels: Bringing the Past to Gambling Sites

Everywhere you look today, retro is coming back in a big way. From 1970s collectibles to 80’s clothes, from 60’s music to 50’s graphics, it seems – at times – that we’re living in some kind of time warp, where everyone is hanging on to the past for dear life! I’ve also noticed that retro […]

Gambling Domain Sells for Big Money

We all know how important a domain name is for the success of a business, and this fact is even more evident in the gambling industry where there are literally thousands of online gambling sites and portals.  So when the news was published that the domain name would be up for sale, it soon […]