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Casino Job Profile: VIP Host

The job of a VIP host involves a lot of responsibility as it requires the person concerned to handle the casino’s most important clientele. It is also one of the best paying and most interesting jobs to be had in a casino, and job seekers will find that the perks of this position increase with the caliber of the casino and the importance of the client.

A VIP host has to make the casino’s most important guests feel welcome and to ensure that they are cared for when they are on the casino floor. Unlike the job of the dealer, who is required to cater to all the visitors to his or her table, VIP hosts are usually allocated a few VIP customers to take care of during their stay in the casino. The casino VIP hosts have to be friendly, efficient and capable of being a personal concierge to their customers and catering to all their needs. The perks of this position include large tips, and acquiring a roster of high profile contacts. Furthermore, many VIP customers have been known to ask for a specific host or hostess by name, if that person has been particularly helpful to them.

If you are looking for a job in a casino as a VIP host, it is essential that you have some experience listed on your CV. Casinos do not recruit freshers or inexperienced people as their VIP hosts and experience in the casino industry or hospitality sector is a must if you are looking to land a job in reputed casino in Las Vegas.

If you have experience of working in a hotel or restaurant in the capacity of front desk staff, or better yet in a casino, you have good chances of landing a job as a VIP host. And, should you already have experience of working as a VIP host, the casino will view your job application with favour. In addition to work experience, it is necessary that the candidate have a pleasing demeanor, excellent people skills and good language abilities.

Most casinos require their VIP hosts to have university educations and a few letters to their name, while bilingual abilities will be seen as an added bonus. Many casinos require their VIP hosts to wear a uniform while others just require them to be very well dressed. Some of the services that hosts are required to provide for their customers include greeting them and showing them to their rooms, acquiring tickets for shows, making travel arrangements, providing room upgrades or perks and handling their queries.

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