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Best Vegas Heists

It makes for great cinema – the smug Casino boss, the charming thief, the daring heist…but does it actually happen? Is it possible for someone to steal from a casino and get away with it? It has been done, believe it or not – and whether or not they got away with it, here are the best examples:

Stardust Heist

In September of 1992, Bill Brennan, a cashier at the Stardust’s sports book, left for lunch with over $500,000 in cash and chips inside of a bag draped over his shoulder — the biggest theft from a Las Vegas casino in history. Even after being on the the FBI’s most wanted list, and appearing on America’s Most Wanted, there have been no signs of Brennan. Police believe he has fled the country, and he still hasn’t been found.

Heather Tallchief and Roberto Solis Rob Circus Circus

In October of 1993, Tallchief, 21, and Roberto Solis, 48, made off with a Loomis Armored truck filled with $2.5 million outside of Circus Circus. The two escaped the United States via the Cayman Islands and St. Martin. Solis, a man who Tallchief thought was in love with her, later left, leaving her with only $1,000 and their child. After running from the law for over 12 years, Heather Tallchief finally surrendered in September of 2005.

The 2005 Mandalay Bay Heist

On March 11, 2005 two men approached a casino change booth inside Mandalay Bay at about 4 p.m. and held up the cashier working inside the booth. The men then fled in a vehicle parked near an entrance, making off with an untold amount of money. Neither police nor Mandalay Bay spokesman Gordon Absher would specify which entrance they used or which booth was robbed, leaving the entire event shrouded in mystery.

Jose Vigoa Wreaks Havoc on Vegas

Vigoa’s biggest mistake came when he robbed the Bellagio wearing the amazing disguise of sunglasses and a baseball cap. The Bellagio managed to get extremely detailed shots of Vigoa, which ended up being broadcast for four days on Vegas TV and finally resulted in a 100 mph car chase through the city. Vigoa’s capture, arrest, and sentencing left him facing more than 500 years in prison with no possibility of parole.

Reginald and Donell Johnson Make a Repeated Mark of Treasure Island

In 2000, a lone gunman jumped over the main casino cage just after midnight hitting and robbing a cashier. He shot at and missed two security guards as he fled with an undisclosed amount of money, said Alan Feldman, spokesman for MGM Mirage, which owns Treasure Island hotel-casino.
During Reginald Johnson’s taped confession, he said he struck the cashier with his because his brother had recognized the cashier from the earlier heist.

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