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Casino Workers Go Green

For years, one of my best arguments in favor of online gambling was the fact that it is good for the environment.  Think of how many people don’t leave their global footprint by flying off to their nearest gambling city, or how much fuel is saved by not having to drive to a casino… or the hotel towels that take up so much water…. the list goes on and on.  But I had to laugh when I read recently that casino workers in live gambling establishments will be doing their bit for the environment – even if they don’t know it! 

Cintas Corp is a company in the US that creates uniforms for staff members in different trades.  One of the industries it caters for is the casino industry.  Recently, Cintas announced that it would be introducing new shirts for the gaming industry made from recycled products – plastic bottles to be exact!  The uniform company uses a unique technology that enables it to turn plastic into a fiber that can then be made into a shirt.  While casino workers are used to wearing shirts made from traditional polyester, they’ll now be wearing shirts made from plastic bottles, and they probably won’t even know the difference.

This is great news for the environment as five plastic bottles are used to make one shirt, and they can be washed in regular laundry cycles, cutting out the need for dry cleaning and contributing even more to the green scene.  There is nothing limiting about making shirts from plastic bottles either.  Casino workers will be presented with six different colour choices.  Cintas also claims that the shirts themselves can be recycled if they aren’t suitable for wear anymore.

The casino industry is not the only market which has benefitted from Cintas Clothing’s green line. The company also provides recycled scrubs for hospital workers, as well as the world’s first machine washable tuxedo for the hotel industry.  This is a great way for the corporate world to do their bit for the environment and also help to get rid of the over 2.5 million plastic bottles thrown away PER HOUR by US consumers!!

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