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Hawaii: Not a Gambler’s Paradise

Close your eyes and think Hawaii – endless beaches of pristine white sand, lush tropical trees, luxurious hotels, exciting evenings, world class casinos…. STOP. You’ll have to backtrack a bit because the casino bit doesn’t fit into the classic Hawaiian fantasy. Did you know that there are only two states in the US that frown on any form of gambling… and Hawaii is one of them?!

The State of Hawaii doesn’t allow any form of games for rewards or money – and that includes bingo! And if you think the police turn a blind eye, think again. According to the state’s authorities, anybody contravening these laws are up against stiff punishment. Even cruise ships with casinos on board are barred from entering Hawaii’s waters.

But that’s not to say that Hawaiians are living in a little gambling-free bubble. It is a known fact that hundreds of thousands of residents from the Aloha State visit Vegas casinos each year, meaning that even though they can’t play on home turf, top-notch gambling entertainment is only a plane-ride away. Of course, online gambling is also an option, despite the grey area in the legality of doing so from Hawaii.

So how do Hawaiins get their gambling fix in a state that doesn’t even have a lottery in place? Thankfully, what is know as social gambling is allowed in the state, as long as everyone is on level terms and the house doesn’t get a cut. This gives enough leeway for impromptu social gambling games to be set up in private homes, and there are even services offered that set up a mini-Vegas in a location of your choice – as long as it in within the limits of the law.

Another thing to note is that Hawaii’s flower industry is literally flourishing thanks to demand from an interesting source – Las Vegas casinos and casino cruise ships. This means that even though casinos and gambling are outlawed in Hawaii, the state is still managing to make a killing from this very industry thanks to the demand for its exotic flowers.

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  1. gunnar says

    I think it’s insane that Hawaii doesn’t have a single casino. I’m going on a trip there in a week and was searching for casinos in the area and was shocked to discover that there are none.

    I think casinos would fit in perfectly with Hawaii’s image and just imagine the amounts of revenue it would bring in from tourists. They need to change this policy immediately.

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