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Mr. Jordan’s Day Out

Being underage is never fun – especially not when you’re in Vegas. Trying to get around the laws could land you, and your chosen establishment, in a ton of hot water. So, if you find yourself in Vegas and you’re a minor, you probably shouldn’t be in a casino. Punishments in general depend on the infraction’s scope, and could involve verbal warnings, fines, or in extreme cases suspending an operator’s gambling license

If you DO end up in a casino, please don’t Tweet about it.

MGM Resorts International was under investigation after Marcus Jordan, the underage son of basketball great Michael Jordan, bragged on Twitter about partying at a Las Vegas Strip nightclub.

“Last night was stupid… 35K at Haze,” (at Aria Resort & Casino) the University of Central Florida sophomore guard said. “Totals 50K something the whole day.” The tweet was quickly removed from his feed, but the damage was done.

Jordan told a Fox Sports website last week that the tweet was a mistake and said he had conversations with both his parents about it.

“I didn’t mean it the way it came across,” he said. “My family and friends know the type of person I am.”

Mr. Jordan, if you spent $50,000 on something OTHER than gambling in Las Vegas, we probably need to talk. There are only a few things that money could be spent on, and you’re too young for ALL of them. May I suggest you send that money on up my way if you get the urge to do this again? Cheers.

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