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21 Reasons to Play Blackjack

If you’re headed out to a casino in Las Vegas or Atlantic City or a Reservation or planning to stay in and hit an online casino, you probably already have your favorite game in mind. Every casino game has its charms, but blackjack is a classic that almost everyone seems to like. True, there are some people who are slots junkies, and others who can’t get enough of craps or roulette, but blackjack is one game that is always in style. We were trying to figure out why, so we came up with a list of twenty-one humorous, silly, and maybe thoughtful reasons why blackjack is one game you just keep coming back to no matter which casino you hit.

  1. It’s easier to understand than cribbage. Seriously, what’s up with that game?
  2. You don’t need to bluff. You don’t even need to hide your cards.
  3. There are things to think about and things to understand, and who doesn’t enjoy a mental challenge?
  4. You came all the way to the casino. You’re going to play blackjack!
  5. It’s sweet and apple-flavored. No, wait, that’s apple jacks! But aren’t they great?
  6. You’re writing a statistics paper, and this is a perfect subject to write it on.
  7. Craps sounds like something you should do in the bathroom.
  8. You just turned twenty-one.
  9. You wish you’d just turned twenty-one. (Instead of forty-one)
  10. Your youngest child just turned twenty-one.
  11. You get dizzy watching the ball on the spinning wheel.
  12. That crazy affinity for the jack of clubs.
  13. You always manage to throw the dice off the table, and the croupier yells at you.
  14. There actually is an ace up your sleeve, and you’re not afraid to use it. (You might want to rethink this one, because pit bosses aren’t so keen on people who cheat.)
  15. Because baccarat is boring. All you do is guess who will win, and if you’re right, you get some money.
  16. Because chicks dig it. (Especially the winning.)
  17. Someone entered you in a blackjack tournament, so you’d better play now before you lose the entry fee.
  18. There’s no live interaction on a video poker machine
  19. You go to MIT. It just fits.
  20. You love anything that involves shoes, even if the shoe is a bunch of decks of cards.
  21. You want a game you can actually win!

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