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Betting on a White Christmas

The western world seems to reach hysteria levels beginning December 1st, all leading up to Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. I take a somewhat cynical view of the commercialism surrounding these holidays, but when it comes to Christmas related gambling – I’m a pushover! This is the time of the year that I trawl my favorite online betting sites, looking for interesting markets that bring with them a holiday theme. I’ve come to the conclusion, after doing this for a number of years, that some of the most interesting – and quirky – betting markets can be found at UK and European gambling sites under their novelty betting sections.

Odds are currently being offered on practically anything to do with Christmas in the UK, ranging from top music awards to the safest bet of all – the weather. The UK is currently gripped by X Factor fever, with the winner being declared practically as we speak. As such, it is not surprising that the favorite to earn the top Christmas single is the still unknown X Factor winner, with odds of 4/7. Others vying for this prestigious title are The Trashmen and Jon Cage (11/4 and 9/2 respectively), as well as other X Factor hopefuls Stacey Solomon (12/1) and Gamu Nhengu (8/1).

If you want to bet on the top Christmas album, you’ll find names such as Take That (favorites at 4/9) and Michael Jackson (7/4).

Betting on the weather is definitely a favorite English pastime, and the markets don’t disappoint in this field as well.  Will London be blanketed with snow on Christmas Eve? Many punters make this a traditional bet each and every year, and this year the odds are 4/1 that the capital will have a white Christmas. Will England experience the coldest winter in recorded history? You can bet on that at odds of 8/1.  Will Big Ben freeze up and stop chiming as a result? You may want to rethink on that bet with its crazy 100/1 odds that it will!

Betting sites are all in favor of getting their players to join in the spirit of the holiday season by wagering on everyday topics and popular shows. This is a super way to make a few dollars and enjoy fun, novelty betting at top online casinos at the same time.

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