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Betting on Sports Betting

Even if you are a Manchester City fan, there was probably nobody who wasn’t feeling embarrassed for Manchester United when they met their rivals in the UK last weekend and were slayed 6-1 in a Premier League match.  Not only was I mad at Sir Alex for not having led his team to victory, but I also lost a couple of bucks because I bet on the Reds winning the game.

Whenever Premier League season rolls around, I’m like a kid in a candy store.  I pore over the news relating to all the teams and read up on what analysts are saying about their chances of winning the title.  I have a couple of great sports betting sites that I stick to religiously, such as Ladbrokes, and William Hill,  because I know that their odds are great and their reputation is sterling.   Another thing I like about these sites is the fact that they provide me with an analysis about upcoming matches.  This means that I don’t have to stick to outright bets on the winner of the tournament overall; I can also make educated decisions about individual matches and wager on a wide range of markets, from the final score to the first player to kick a goal.

If we’re already on the subject of sports betting, I don’t stop at Premier League betting only.  The best sports betting sites offer such a wide range of sites that it’s amazing that you don’t find Japanese ant races or other obscure sports.  The great thing is that you aren’t limited to the sports in your own country and you can bet on sports events that are happening around the globe.  While I wagered on Saturday’s Premier League football match, I also placed a couple of dollars on the South Africa vs Australia cricket one day international session, and horse races being run in the States.

The great thing about sports betting is that you can really win through this form of entertainment. If you take some time to learn your markets and weigh the odds, you have a real chance of taking home cool cash!

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