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My New Year’s Gambling Resolutions

Every year, I sit myself down on the morning of New Year’s Eve and make myself a list of things that I really want to improve on in my life.  Over the years, this list has gone from lofty expectations, such as “Sponsor a Hungry Child” or “Volunteer Four Hours a Week”, to a more realistic run down on what I really do think is within my reach to change.  This year, I’m concentrating on gambling resolutions, since this pastime is so much part of my life. I am proud to say that I am a skillful, careful and thoughtful recreational gambler but sometimes I need to zone in and re-think my expectations for the year to come.

Having said that, here is my New Year’s Gambling Resolutions list, fresh off the print:

1. Practice my Blackjack Strategy – I know that I can do much better at online blackjack if I practice the strategy that I learned. I spent so much time last year reading up on the theory of blackjack, that I was sure that I knew it all. But I came to the conclusion that simply memorizing the strategies isn’t enough. I need to put them into practice. As such, this year, I will take advantage of the free online blackjack tutorials found at some of the best online casinos out there and really get down to work. I am sure that with a little time and effort, I’ll be scoring big at the blackjack tables.

2. I Will Try my Hand at Sportsbetting – Although I’ve dabbled in the races here and there, I’ve never really been a sportsbetting geek. However, with so many exciting tournaments and events running in the sports worlds these days, I am hugely tempted to really sit down and learn all about odds and other betting options, and take up more sportsbetting.

3. Stay Away from Games with High Odds – I know. I know. Games like keno are exciting and I love watching to see how many numbers I can match. But when it comes to the crunch, I know that I should be spending my money on games with lower odds. As such, I will designate a smaller part of my bankroll to games of chance and more to those where I have a higher chance of winning.

Happy New Year!

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