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Odds on Amy: Who will Play Winehouse in Upcoming Movie?

The death of Amy Winehouse really hit me.  Not only because her music was so great, but also because she represented such a troubled soul who simply couldn’t manage the big world of fame.  Millions of her fans are still in mourning – not only because of her death, but also for what the world could have still enjoyed in terms of musical talent from this 27 year old icon.

Keen to keep her memory alive and celebrate her short but eventful life, Winehouse’s management have decided to make a biopic about her and the movie should be released in the coming year or two, if everything goes according to plan.  Of course, the question on everyone’s lips is: ‘Who will play Amy Winehouse in the film?’

Bookmakers and online casinos have already opened a market on this question, and the favorite to play the star is Billie Piper with odds of 5/1.  However, the person who REALLY wants the role, more than anything, is Lady Gaga.  The Poker Face diva is said to be so desperate for the role to play her idol, that she is willing to do practically anything (and we know that when Gaga, aka Lady in the Meat Dress, says anything, she means anything!).

Gaga’s odds to play Winehouse in the movie are 6/1 at present.   According to an insider who was quoted in the UK tabloid, Daily Star, Gaga was looking to make a transition from music to movies even before Winehouse’s death, and the chance to now star as the deceased singer may be just the break she needs. It also helps that Lady Gaga absolutely worshiped Amy Winehouse and idolized her music, which means that she could bring a certain passion into the role that no other actress could.

Lady Gaga has already proved that she has the gift to transform herself into different characters (see the cover of her latest album where she is photographed in the role of a very convincing looking young man).  But will this be enough to take on the role as one of the greatest soul singers the industry has seen in recent years? We can only wait and see.

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