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Reload Online Casino Bonuses Explained

A friend of mine recently took up online gambling after I directed her to a couple of my favorite sites.  I walked her through her first steps as she signed in and registered with the site, explaining the welcome bonus offered by the casino and what she would need to do in order to withdraw her winnings.  A month later, I asked her how she was doing and she went on and on about the fun she was having, and how she wanted to make another deposit. I reminded her that she should check out the reload bonuses offered by the site, and I drew a blank. She didn’t know what I was talking about and I realized that not all new online gamblers realize that there IS life after that first initial – and usually very generous – welcome bonus.

Reload bonuses, I explained to her, are a way for online casinos to get you to make that second (and third, and fourth…) deposit into your account. Everyone knows that the welcome bonus is the most lucrative, and once players have played through the wagering requirements and gotten to know the software and games, they are ready to re-commit to the site. As such, online casinos will happy reward players for their loyalty by giving them bonuses on subsequent deposits as well.

Granted, reload bonuses aren’t as grand in size as the welcome bonus but they can certainly go a long way in stretching that bankroll significantly. Who would turn down a cash back offer or a free credits offer, especially at a site that you have grown to enjoy and trust? There are also other reasons to take advantage of reload bonuses. If a site realizes that you are a loyal player, you could earn more perks and points as you continue to stick together. VIP players get plenty more special offers than regular players, and you might be invited to join the club if your gambling activity is regular enough.

Check out the super bonus codes at online casinos. With the market getting more and more competitive each day, there are lots of good things going at these sites!

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