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The Luckiest Gem Stones for Gamblers

If you’re a regular gambler, you’ll be willing to do pretty much anything to increase your luck (within limits of course!).  Some of you carry a lucky rabbit foot while others rub a lucky penny.  Did you know that certain gemstones are said to contain powers of luck, power, courage and good fortune?  These are definitely traits I’d like to have with me at my next gambling session!

Here is a list of stones worth stocking up on:

Diamonds – They may be a girl’s best friend, but diamonds are said to inspire courage in a man.

Emeralds – These guys have plenty of different powers, but the one applicable to gamblers is that which summons powers of victory. Good to remember next time you want to beat the blackjack dealer!

Opals – People from the East consider opals to be extremely lucky, especially black ones.  Other parts of the world believe it to be “the stone of tears”.  I guess you’ll have to take your chance on that one.

Agate – This semi precious stone is said to offer protection against the Evil Eye, so if you think your poker pals are jinxing you, put one in your pocket during your next game!

Jade – Another semi precious stone which is considered to be extremely lucky to the wearer.

Topaz – A stone that’s fit for the gambler! Not only does the topaz symbolize money, it also makes the wearer courageous and wise and offers the power of making sound decisions.

Turquoise – This stone also symbolizes prosperity, bringing good fortune and happiness to anyone who wears or carries it.

Amethyst – This is a stone you may want to wear if you like to mix drinking and gambling.  According to folklore, wearing an amethyst prevents drunkenness.  I wouldn’t try this out to see if it works if you are planning to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, but it would make a cool experiment if you were staying home to play at online casinos!

Carnelian – Prevents the wearer from experiencing losses.

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