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The Riskiest Roulette Bet Ever

We all know that roulette is a game of chance and most of us going into the game with this knowledge. The vast majority of us will wager well within our means and once our bankroll gets depleted, we stop and go home. Over the years, ‘systems’ have sprung up in the gambling world, promising us that, through their use, we’ll be able to beat the roulette wheel and make lots of money. But the bottom line is, roulette is based on elements of chance and the game is played accordingly.

So then what possessed a young Londoner, Ashley Revell, to sell every single thing that he possessed, take the cash and spend it ALL on one SINGLE bet in roulette?  In 2004, Revell decided to do what many of us have possibly dreamed of doing but never had the guts (thank goodness!) to do. He sold all his worldly possessions – even down to the last stitch of clothing – and put the entire lump sum of $135,000 in his pocket.  His kitty was added to by the UK bookmaker, Blue Square, who contributed some more cash. (So grateful was Revell for that gesture that he officially changed his name to Ashley “Blue Square” Revell – we kid you not!)

With all that cash, Revell headed to the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada with the intention of putting all the money on one single bet in roulette. Cool as a cucumber, Revell put the entire amount on red and asked the croupier to spin. As luck would have it, the ball fell into the red seven slot and Revell doubled his bankroll in a few seconds. You’d expect that the daredevil player would try again, but he simply tipped the dealer $600, picked up his winnings and left.

Revell eventually went on to use the money to start up his own online poker company and so we can’t say that he left the gambling world altogether, but his roulette bet has definitely gone down in history as the riskiest bet of all.

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