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Three Gambling Items I’d Take to a Desert Isle

Picture this: In true ‘Lost’ fashion, your plane goes down and you manage to swim to shore of a desert island.  What three gambling related items would you take with you to pass the time until your rescue ship comes along?

Here’s my list:

My laptop – Presuming that by some miracle sea water didn’t penetrate the bag, the most important item for me on the island would be my faithful laptop.  I know that there is no electricity out there, and that my battery power wouldn’t last longer than a couple of hours. BUT I can assure you that those would be the happiest hours of my life – just me, the palm trees and hours of uninterrupted access to all those great online casinos out there. When sharing my fantasy with a friend, he quipped in: “And you could even send an SOS through the customer support teams of the gambling sites!”  Now why didn’t I think of that?

My latest gambling book – I’m forever on the lookout for good gambling books, whether guides or biographies of famous gamblers.  I’ve learned the ins and outs of blackjack through some great gaming guides that have been printed through the years, and I’ve been given a couple of super books that give behind-the-scene looks and anecdotes connected to Vegas casinos and personalities.  So, with that in mind, I’ll be happy to land on a desert isle with my latest read to wile away the time until the rescuers come and get me.

A pack of cards – A pack of cards would be a great additional item to land with me on the island.  Not only will I be able to enjoy hours of solitaire and other solo-games, but I’ll also be able to practice poker and blackjack hands. If there are other survivors (hey, it’s my fantasy, so there will be), we’d be able to enjoy lots of different recreational card games together. It’s amazing how much fun can come out of one pack of cards!

Of course, when we’re rescued, I’ll be happy to get back to civilization, but will think back fondly to those days of no pressure and worries – just me and my three gambling items!

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