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Virtual Poker Social Eves

A decade or so ago, my ultimate idea of a great night was getting together with a couple of buddies and playing poker around a kitchen table until the early hours of the morning.  When the first of us got married, and then the second, the poker evenings turned into social events, with the wives sitting out in the living room, bemoaning our obsession with the game but secretly pleased that they had time to catch up and chat.  The picture changed again when the first kids were born. Suddenly, poker buddies turned into full time dads and poker took a back seat in their new family set ups.  Slowly, our poker group grew smaller and smaller until we couldn’t manage to find an evening once a month that suited everyone.

And then my brilliant other half came up with an idea that changed the way our poker team operated. She introduced us to the idea of virtual poker nights via internet.  Our little group signed up with a top online poker site and arranged a private poker session on a specified date.  The five of us ‘met’ in the poker room and managed to enjoy a three hour session, without any interference.  Granted, one of the guys got up to burp a baby, but returned a while later to complete his hand.  Now, once a month, without fail, we guys meet online to enjoy a couple of hours of Texas Hold ’em, and even the ladies join in or have their private games.

Online poker sites have recognized the need for players who know each other but are physically far from each other to play in virtual poker rooms.  The idea is for the player to sit in his or her own living room or office and play poker against friends or family members, without the need to make their way to someone else’s home.  More and more online poker rooms are offering their members this service and are even offering top bonuses to players who invite their friends and play poker games with them.

I know that this method has worked for me and my buddies, and it’s definitely worth a try!

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