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Stupid Casinos and their Thieves

I recently read that a casino just off the M2 in the UK was robbed by two armed men. The men managed to enter the casino, hold up the cashier and then leave with a fair amount of cash. The police in turn set up some road blocks but were unable to catch these masked assailants.

In a police report they urged the public to help find the robbers – described as thin, in their early twenties. Well, that kind of sums up most of the guys I know! Come on police, surely you could come up with a bit of a better description here? I mean where was all the security, cameras, surveillance and the rest? Also, metal detectors or something stopping these dudes arriving with arms?!

Some of the greatest casino heists have been recorded over time. Here are some of them:

In September 1992, brave cashier who worked at Stardust sportsbook, named Bill Brennan, decided to take a long and expensive lunch break.  It was expensive for the casino, not for him, because in a bag thrown over his shoulder, Brennan had packed some sandwiches, and $500,000 in cash….! This was the biggest recorded theft from a Las Vegas casino in history.

In December 2004, 2 Serbs and 2 Hungarians managed to scam the Ritz Casino in London. With the use of cell phones, lasers, computers and other technology, these ‘lucky’ players figured out how to measure the speed of the wheel and ‘guess’ which number the ball would land on, winning as a result a nice little sum of 1.2 million pounds.

In October 1993, a 21 year old woman, in love with her 48 year old hero, managed to load up a truck full of $2.5 million in cash outside the Circus Circus. The two managed to flee the United States and ended up in the Cayman Islands. The poor young girl ended up losing it all, landing up with only a love child, and $1000, while her lover continued to run, away from her too!

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  1. kevin b says played in many online casinos, i dont know where else to vent my anger but never invest money in cool cat casino .by far the worst casino ive ever played in.98.7 percent pay out my asssssss.dont go there……

  2. Richard Schneider says

    With the Casino’s in the North of the U.S. The only way you are going to take any money out of them Is with a Gun…When I lived down in the Southern states you would win or but you would win ounce in a while…I have been up here for 10 years and have not won and I go regularly….Something is very wrong up here…It’s not gambling if you have no chance of winning!!!

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