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Betting on the 7 Billionth Global Citizen

SEVEN BILLION. That’s how many people will be living on this good earth by sometime at the end of 2011.  This incredible number was predicted by the United Nations Population Reference Bureau, which said that in the later half of the year, we should be welcoming baby number seven billion.

The world population has certainly grown incredibly in the past few hundred years and we managed to climb from one billion to six billion people in just short of 200 years. And just to put things into perspective, person number 6 billion is only 11 years old!

To demonstrate our ability to sustain life and beat the natural death cycle, check out these stats: Five people are born every second around the globe, while only two die. That means that by the end of each minute of the day, 180 people have been born. Pretty far out, if you ask me.

Why am I telling you this? Because I came across some betting options on this very subject earlier this week. You know by now that I’m a great fan of novelty betting at online casinos. I think it’s a great way to follow your favorite celebs, politicians or world news (such as this topic) and make some cool cash in the process.  Sites such as William Hill and Paddy Power are now offering you the chance to wager on the the 7 billionth global citizen, and it’s worth checking out the betting markets.

For example, you’ll see that the odds for this person being a male are 5/6, while the same odds are offered on it being a female.  The chances are that the person will originate from the Asian continent, according to the odds of 5/4, although Africa follows behind with odds of 7/4. Lower odds are offered on Australia and Europe 10/1, while both Americas carry odds of 4/1.

Betting on the 7 billionth global citizen may seem a little strange, especially if you have never dabbled in novelty betting before, but if you take a look at the different online casino and bookmaker sites, you are sure to find a subject that catches your interest, and will allow you to try your luck at interesting current affairs betting.

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