USA Online Casinos

Finding an online casino that is USA friendly has become much more difficult over the past few years.  Prior to the UIGEA, Americans were able to play at almost any casino on the Internet, but due to a ridiculous bill that was tacked on to a port safety bill, it is now much harder to find a casino that will take US players.

If you are in the United States, this does not you should give up hope, as there are still many US friendly Internet casinos, you just need to do a little more research to find the best online casinos for Americans.

The reason why so many online casinos cannot accept Americans is due to the extremely high transaction fees and the complicated regulations with accepting bets across wires on US soil.  Therefore, many of the Internet companies that accept US players have to run their operations in places like Antigua, Costa Rica and many more, where the rules are much more relaxed than in the United States.

Best Online Casinos for Americans

Everyone wants to play at the best online casino, and if you are in the USA this is no exception.  When picking our best US online casinos we factor in many things but the two that we consider most important are safety/security and quality.  Below we will explain a little more about how these factors apply to an Internet casino.

Finding a safe and secure online casino should be every player's primary objective.  You want to know that your money is safe, and that the house is not doing anything to cheat you out of your money.  Every month many online casinos pop-up over night in attempt to capitalize on the US market.  Many of these sites don't last more than a few months and if they are lucky will make it to a year.  They offer insane bonuses, great comp systems, but in reality have some of the poorest business plans and never end up lasting.  That is why any of the casinos you see on this site have been around for at least several years and have operated for a long period without any major issues.

Quality, simply means finding a casino with good software and a well established brand.  The last thing you want is to download a casino's software only to have it crash all the time on your computer.  We only work with brands that have been around, outlasted tough economic times, have an excellent marketing plan, and are there to provide the best support their players.

Without further adieu, here are our best US online casinos:

Top 5 US Online Casinos

Rank Icon Casino USA Bonus Bonus Type Play
1. Bodog Casino 10% Unlimited
2. Rushmore Casino $888 100% Match
3. 888 Casino 10% Unlimited
4. Inter Casino $888 100% Match
5. Betfair Casino 10% Unlimited


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