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Bomber Scare in Vegas

A Las Vegas casino was the scene of panic early Saturday morning, after an apparent suicide bomber walked into the property and threatened to blow the building sky-high.

Luckily, quick thinking security guards were able to convince him to leave the actual casino, although he did remain in the proximity of Arizona Charlie’s hotel, in a grassy area outside the building.

The Bomb. Don't Ride It.

The Bomb. Don't Ride It.

Staff was then able to evacuate the 301 room hotel and casino, while the SWAT squad Armor Unit, and Las Vegas’s bomb squad tried convincing the man to give himself up.

However, something didn’t quite add up and while he was being persuaded to surrender, the man seemed more intent on persuading the armed officers to kill him.

The stand-off lasted for a couple of hours, until 11:45 a.m., when the man finally gave up and the device was discovered to be a fake.

Speculating on the bizarre occurrence, Las Vegas police believe the man was trying to commit “suicide by cop,” but fortunately the professional law officers didn’t fall for his game of bluff.

The man is now in custody while an assessment is being made of his mental health and possible federal charges are considered.

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