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Learn to Identify your Gambling Opponent

One of the best things you can do when heading onto the casino floor is learning to identify your opponents. We’re not talking about knowing them on a first name basis – but rather to learn to recognize a particular type of gambling personality so that you know what you are up against.  Identifying your opponent isn’t something that happens the first time you hit the floor, but rather something that you learn as time goes by. But if you what to look out for, the process may be shorter.

The Professional

While there are many wannabe professionals out there, ie. players who think that they are so good that they can call themselves pro, the truth of the matter is that there are few truly professional gamblers on a given floor. If you do happen to recognize one, you’ll be bowled over by his confidence and ability to know when to put a stop to his gaming session by a sense of good judgement. While you may want to avoid blackjack or poker playing against professionals as the chances are that you’ll lose against them, the advantages of doing so are that you get to learn from them – which could be worth its weight in gold.

The Amateur

Remember that time when you walked onto the casino floor for the first time? That’s what an amateur looks and acts like. Playing against an amateur could be good for you because you get to feel like you know a whole lot more, but it it could remove the challenge of a good game if you’re up for it.

The Problem Gambler

Ok, this may be one opponent you want to avoid. This type of player has severe mood swings around the table, from utter elation to angry outbursts, depending on how he’s faring. We’re not talking about your average shout of delight, but true emotional outbursts that don’t have a place in such a public forum.  The pathological gambler will not know when to stop and will gamble until his bankroll has run out, sometimes trying to get credit from another source to continue gambling. You don’t want to be a part of this picture, and the best that you can do, if you feel the opportunity allows it, is to suggest that the person gets help.

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