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Must Have Roulette Handbooks

Much has been written about the game of roulettes, from its history down to possible ways to beat the system. If you’re serious about roulette, then you know by now that this is a game of chance, and there is no  ‘strategy’ in existence that can affect your odds of winning. Having said that, there are ways that you can cut your losses at the game by learning how to manage your money properly, by learning the rules of the game and by going into your gaming knowledge overall.  There are a number of super books about roulette available on the market, some of which have dotted my bookshelf for years.  Read on for a list of the best must-have roulette handbooks (IMHO):

  • Peter Svoboda’s Beating the Casinos at their own Game – This book is an introduction to some of the many different casino games in existence, roulette being one of them. The author explains the basic rules of the game and includes details about odds, which you may find interesting.  This is the perfect book for beginners, but if you’re beyond the learning-about-rules stage, you may need something more challenging.
  • RD Ellison’s Gamble to Win Roulette – If you ever wanted a book that encompasses everything you needed to know about the game of roulette, this is it.  The author goes into detail about different types of roulettesuch European roulette, American roulette and French roulette, and discusses things such as buy ins, parlays, bankrolls and others in great detail.  Another thing that you may find useful is information about the different strategies used by people (Martingdale, etc) to affect odds. He discusses their merits and failures, and gives an interesting oversight overall into how to play – and appreciate – the game of roulette.  This is definitely one of my favorites.
  • RT Barnhart’s Beating the Wheel: The System that has Won over Six Million Dollars from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo– OK, I have to admit that I bought this book on a whim after becoming tempted by the title. The author basically explains how to recognize biased wheels in land based casinos around the world. While I didn’t go running off to Vegas to try and find such wheels after reading the book, it certainly made for fascinating reading.

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