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Snowed in Gambling Reflections

I flew into London for a conference this week and, besides a couple of hours sitting in an overheated meeting room with irritable executives, I’ve been cooped in my hotel room, waiting out the extreme weather conditions like the rest of England. Buses and trains have come to a halt, flights have been suspended until further notice (I hope I can fly home on Sunday!) and there is nothing to do except sit and wait… 

Thank goodness I have my trusted laptop with and I’ve spent a good couple of hours a day gambling at my favorite online casinos. I must say that simply accessing sites with names that conjure up hazy Vegas days and paradise islands immediately does something to my poor claustrophobic self,  and within minutes I am whisked away to another world, where it’s just me versus the machine in a fun and entertaining environment.

I had a good run at the blackjack tables yesterday, starting with microlimits and – when my bankroll started growing nicely – switching to higher limits. I stopped after two hours – the time I allowed myself to play online in the morning – and came out ahead. Enough to buy myself a drink in the hotel bar and a few gifts for friends back home.  This evening I decided to switch to the slot machines, feeling like a bit of a change of pace. I started with a couple of three reel classic slots but wasn’t  too successful in that department, and so tried out multi reel video slots instead. There is an amazing selection of slot games at most of the sites I play at, and I am sometimes bowled over by just how much thought goes into their creation. Anyway, I came out even after an hour of play, which isn’t bad when you think that I got a full hour of entertainment at no cost.  Of course, I could have just played on the free games at the casino, but then I would not have have put myself in line to win great cash credits! 

Thank goodness for online casino gambling – it made my snowed in London stay that much more bearable!

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