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Flying into Vegas

Whenever I fly into Vegas, my  holiday officially begins when we touch down at McCarran International. There is something about this airport that makes me feel like kicking off my shoes the moment the plane hits the runway, a feeling of true vacation, of freedom, of decadent living and of total freedom.  Perhaps this is because my gambling adventure begins right at McCarran, and I always make sure that I have small change in my hand luggage to try my luck at one of the 1,300 slot machines that dot the airport, and which can be found around literally every corner!  One of my favorite tales is landing in Vegas, knowing that I was booked into a certain hotel, and then winning such a significant amount in one of the airport slots that I booked myself into an upgraded hotel and had a fantastically luxurious holiday with the winnings!

McCarran International is conveniently located five miles south of Las Vegas’ Central Business District and less than a mile from the world famous Vegas Strip.  This means that, unlike other holiday destinations where you have to drive miles and miles to reach your hotel or your favorite casino, you are practically a hop, skip and away from your accommodation after landing at McCarran.  The airport sees up to 40 million people pass through its gates each year and is served by multiple domestic and international airlines who bring happy tourists into Las Vegas and the surrounding Clark County in Southern Nevada.

Getting from the airport to your hotel is pretty simple, and there are a number of options.  You could take a cab, which would set you back around $15, but I usually have no problem finding others to share the ride and split the costs. Don’t be ashamed to march the front of the line and ask if anyone is willing to split the ride with you – it almost always works for me.  If you don’t feel like a cab, you could take one of the many busses that run this line.  The cost is around $1.5 and it’s a great way to see the sites at and get into the mood of the holiday for very little financial outlay.

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