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Extra Blackjack Fun: Multi Hand Blackjack

What could be more entertaining than playing a hand of online blackjack? The answer is playing up to five hands of blackjack – simultaneously!  In recent years, one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment at online casino sites is definitely multi hand blackjack, allowing player to play as many games as they want (up to five) at the same time.

The objective of multi hand blackjack is practically the same as single hand blackjack – to create a hand that beats the dealer’s hand, without going over the value of 21.  There are a number of variants of blackjack, each with their own distinct rules that tell you when to hit, when to stand, and so forth.  As such, the rules of these games also apply to multi hand blackjack, depending on which variant is being played.  Check out the options of playing Multi Hand Classic Blackjack, Multi Hand Atlantic City Blackjack, Multi Hand Downtown Vegas Blackjack and Multi Hand European Blackjack.

The first thing you need to do when playing Multi Hand Blackjack is determine how many hands you want to play (from one to five). Once your bets are placed, the dealer deals the cards – two to each of the blackjack hands you’ve chosen to play, and one to himself.  It’s important to note that your hands are not competing against each other; instead, all of them are competing against the dealer’s hand.  The game then continues according to the rules of the variant you have opted to play. After you’ve played all your hands, one after each other, the dealer will play his hand.  Hands are paid out individually – you may win some, and you may lose some.

The best place to play multi hand blackjack is online.  While you may find that some land based casinos will offer you the opportunity to play multi hand blackjack at their tables, the experience is far from fun.  You’ll find that it is difficult to concentrate and the dealer lands up becoming impatient as you consider your moves for each of your hands dealt.  Playing the game online means that you can take your time, making your decisions at your leisure and definitely earning more in the process.

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