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Online Gamblers Pleased to See the Back of Senator Jon Kyl

If you are familiar with the history of gambling in the United States, especially if you’ve been following current events, then the name Jon Kyl is certainly one that you’ve heard of, even in passing.  Senator Kyl is one of those guys who will go down in history books as one of the most vehement opponents of online gambling in the United States. He and his cronies were responsible for the passing of the notorious Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006, and he continued to be active in the implementation of the Act in later years, wielding his power and even blocking the nomination of Treasurers when things didn’t go his way in his path to a gambling-free US.

And so, I can’t say that it is with a heavy heart that gamblers and customers at online gambling sites received the news that Senator Kyl won’t be seeking re-election in 2012. Kyl has served three terms in a career spanning 18 years and I believe that he has simply had enough of politics. It can’t be easy pushing for changes and trying to steer the Senate onto your conservative path year in and year out for nearly two decades, and it’s not surprising that Senator Kyl is simply worn out by the battles fought.

Of course, now that his seat will be emptying, there are already speculations flying over who will take his place. There are hopes that his successor will be someone who is somewhat more open to the idea of legalized and regulated online gambling industry in the United States but – between you and me – I wouldn’t hold my breath over that one. We will most probably see another senator elected from Arizona, which has become quite a hotbed of conservatism of late.  Nevertheless, the fight goes on to introduce fair and just gambling laws in the United States, with more efforts being made on the individual state level and less focus on the federal level as has been the trend in recent years.

We can only wish Senator Kyl a peaceful retirement, with a side wish to see his legacy overturned very soon!

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