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5 Coolest Casino Implosions

Every year new casinos are being built all around the world, and to make room for the new they often need to clear out the old.  In typical casino fashion, even when they destroy something they turn it into an amazing event.  Here are a few of the best casino implosions of all time:

New Frontier Implosion – Tuesday, November 13th, 2007:  The King once lived here, Elvis Presley that is.  After over 65 years of business, this Vegas landmark was taken down with an awesome fireworks show:

Stardust Implosion – March 13th, 2007: Another memorable Las Vegas casino, the Stardust was opened for business in July of 1958. In 2006 the doors closed forever and almost a year later it was imploded with style and a cool countdown:

Hacienda Resort Implosion – December 31, 1996: The Hacienda Resort first opened its doors in 1956. In 1996, the resort was destroyed with an amazing show to make room for Mandalay Bay:

The Dunes – October 27, 1993: Operating from 1955 to 1993, The Dunes was brought down with a fiery show to make room for one of Las Vegas’ most prestigious hotels, The Bellagio:

Atlantic City Sands – October 18, 2007: After only being around since 1980, The Sands went through many tough times, including a bankruptcy in 1998. The building went out in style with an incredible fireworks display:

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