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Las Vegas Tidbits

Las Vegas, aka Sin City, is a multi faceted holiday destination and one that I never tire of visiting. Whether it’s for a quick gambling weekend, or a week long sightseeing trip, I always find something new to do in this city and its surrounding areas. With so many exotic hotels, international flavors, top shows, the best casinos in the industry, amazing shops and countless tourist attractions, how can you ever get bored in Las Vegas?

On my various trips to Vegas, I’ve picked up some nifty tidbits about the city, some of them definitely worth sharing with you.

Did you know, for example, that 84.4% of Nevada’s last is owned by the US Federal government? That’s more than any state in the US!

Another thing that you may not be aware of is that The Strip is actually not part of Las Vegas! The Strip is in fact part of unincorporated land governed by Clark County and the city limits actually begin at Sahara Avenue. So if you’ve ever been to Las Vegas and headed straight for The Strip, technically you may never have been in Las Vegas after all!

Another thing that many people wonder about when they visit Las Vegas is how an area that is suffering from a drought is able to maintain such fabulous water features such as rivers, waterfalls and fountains. The truth is that Vegas has quite an advanced water system that allows ‘grey water’ (ie. water originating from sinks, bathtubs and showers in the hotels) to be recycled and used for these water features. And no, they don’t use toilet water, which is separated and disposed of in the city sewers…

Did you know that prostitution is actually illegal in Las Vegas (and any other part of Clark County)? This may seem hard to believe, considering how many working women are out and about on the city’s streets each night, but there you have it.  Theoretically, of course, if you wanted to keep things legal, you’d need to drive 45 minutes to Pahrump Nevada where prostitution is legal.

I’m looking forward to my next trip to pick up more interesting facts about this fascinating city.

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