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Customer Care at Online Casinos

Last week, I was directed towards a new online casino – whose name I will not mention –  having being told that it looked promising. At first glance, it certainly got my attention – snazzy graphics, lots of marketing hype and a nice games selection. But I decided to cut to the chase and check behind the scenes before opening an account and putting my first dollar down. I checked out the customer support options, with the intention of contacting them with a question,  with one intention in mind – to test drive customer care and see how they respond.

The first red light went off after seeing that there was only one way of contacting customer support, via email. Now, although this shouldn’t be the deciding factor about whether you continue playing at a site or not, I always see this as a warning sign of a site that doesn’t make much effort in providing you with multiple ways of contacting them. While there are some excellent online casinos that only offer email as a means to contact them, I am still wary about new sites that don’t go to great lengths to give you as many contact options as possible.

Nevertheless, I sent my email with a simple question regarding their software. It was a one liner, no brainer and I expected a reply very soon. It took this site – this NEW site which is trying to make an impression on the highly competitive online casino industry – all of seven hours to get back to me with their reply. Seven hours in which I found the answer for myself on the internet after a bit of searching, seven hours in which I managed to go to work and come back. Seven hours  where I could easily have checked out other new online casinos, opened an account and received a reply to my question several times over.   While the reply I got from them was satisfactory, it wasn’t complete. If this is the way they greet new customers, I’m taking my custom somewhere else.

So, the moral of my story is this:

Look out for customer support that is quick, efficient, friendly and easy to reach.  With so much competition in the online casino  market, you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less.

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