BingoBingo goes as far back as the mid 15 Century in Italy, where the local Italians called it "Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia". This was the game to play back then and usually would be played on the weekends with friends and people in the neighbouring towns. Over time the popularity grew and was introduced to France around the end of the 17 Century, but the French had called it something else, "Le Lotto" but was only played by the elite of France. All over Europe every country had its own twist on the game even the German's used the game to help the young kids at math, spelling and history.

America was one of the last countries to pick up this fun game in the early 19 Century and the name of Bingo was called "beano". It started off as a county far game where you would get tickets from a cigar box and mark the cards with beans. Who ever won would shout out "BEANO". In America it was originally played around Atlanta, Georgia, but it was up until a salesman named Edwin Lowe overheard somebody yell out "Bingo" by accident and thought it would be cleaver idea to change the name. Due to Edwin's business smarts he wanted to change the look of the game so he asked a professor named, Carl Leffler, to help him switch up the game a bit by increasing the overall numbers and combinations on the bingo cards. As time passed Bingo was taking off extremely fast and he had invented over 6000 bingo cards. It is said that Leffler went crazy and was never the same.

Tons of good came out of Bingo later on when the Church of Pennsylvania contacted Lowe about using the Bingo cards to help raise money for their church. By the end of the 1930's its said that over 15,000 bingo games where played every week. Right now as we speak more than $100,000 dollars are spent on bingo each week in North America alone.

Playing Bingo

Bingo has been around for a very long time and i am sure you remember playing it at school, friends or with a large hall for fun or money. Over the years the face of Bingo has changed in what you see today, now the new and improved types of games are not only done on cards but electronically. Most of the time when your playing Bingo you will be handed a small card around 5 x 5 that have a list of numbers on it with B I N G O at the top. If you play for money you would have to pay for you card to start depending on where you play it all differs. The goal of the game is to complete the Bingo pattern on the grid with random numbers being selected to you. One of the best parts of the game is when you yell out "Bingo" when you have the matching numbers covered up, and go and collect your prize or money.

How To Play Bingo

Learning how to play Bingo is as simple as tying your shoe. Weather you play at a hall or at home for fun the set up for Bingo is quite easy and requires as little as two people to play. You will be handed a card roughly around 5 X 5 in size with the words B I N G O written at the top containing 24 numbered spaces and one free space with which you play Bingo. Your own card would have a B column from 1 to 15, I Column from 16 to 30, N Column 31 to 45 with a free space, G column from 46 to 60, and last the O column from 61 to 75. In order to win the game you have to line with five numbers in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row on one of your cards. Somebody would have to spin the ball and pick numbers randomly and let you know what the number is. You then mark down on the card if you have the number that he or she calls. The winner should call out "Bingo" to let the other players know that you have won then proceed to bring the winner card to the spinner to collect your prize. If you play Bingo in Australia or England you have up to 90 numbers where in North America and some parts of Europe have 75.

Bingo Terminology

At CasinoB we will prepare you with all the latest Bingo terms that you will hear playing Bingo so you can look and feel like a professional. We have compiled a list below so you know what are aware of the most used slang in the Bingo world.

Admission Packet - This is the amount of card you have to buy in order to buy into the game. Depending on where you play the standard is 3 to 6.

After Game - This is the game that's played after the last round of a bingo session.

Bingo Board - The Bingo Board is in front of you and its either done electronically or on in the right hand corner of your computer screen when you play online.

Blackout/Coverall - This is when all the numbers on your card have to be covered in order to win the jackpot or prize.

Blower - The "Blower" has been around for a very long time and you would see the machine blowing the numbers up for the caller to call the number.

Caller - The "Caller" is somebody who calls out the numbers and reads out the numbers to the audience. Online its done automatically.

Bingo Card - Your Bingo card consists of letters B I N G O at the top and 1 to 75 in columns.

Online Chat Room - For the more advanced younger player you can talk to other people who are at you table online and discuss the events in the game.

Dauber - This is a device that allows you to cross off the numbers that are on your card when the caller yells them out.

Jackpot - You get the "Jackpot" when you have one the Bingo game.

Free Space - This is at the center of the bingo ticket that's a free space.

Split Pot - This is a bingo game in which the prize are split between the bingo hall and the winner depending where you play a small amount goes to the house.

Bingo Tips

Take a look at the list we compiled below to help you win more games at Bingo weather you play online or at a hall. Since this is a game of chance there are ways that you can increase your probability of winning. Many people believe that winning bingo has a lot to do with superstition. Next time you pass by a hall you will see many people bring there lucky object to win the game. Unless you don't believe in you would have no problem just fitting in. Now take a look at the list below on the best tip on how to win Bingo.

Tip # 1 - Try and buy as many tickets as you can because that would increase your odds of winning the round.
Tip # 2 - Due your best to stay away from halls that are jammed packed because there is less of a chance of winning .
Tip # 3 - Practice playing online and learn to practice to get the hang of the game.
Tip # 4 - Sign up online to join a Bingo Forum so you can learn some tips and see games in your area.
Tip # 5 - Get a two coloured dabber so your not confused when you play

Online Bingo

Playing Online Bingo is pretty much the same as playing at a hall or with your friends, only you will be at home playing from your computer. Depending on where you play the majority online Bingo games will give you 3 to 4 cards to start. All of the Online Bingo casinos will have a caller or a display board for the Bingo numbers that would automatically mark the numbers for you.

Online Bingo

5 Types of Online Bingo Games

Over the centuries Bingo has changed drastically and now since we are in an era of technology Bingo has changed once again. Right now the most common popular online Bingo games that everybody is playing are 90 Ball Bing, 75 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo, 30 Ball Bingo and last 75 Ball Variant. All of these games are similar to the normal Bingo that you play but has a little twist on it. We have a list below on how to play the 5 types of Bingo games so you can choose one you feel comfortable to win.

90 Ball Bing - If your from UK or Ireland you will be familiar with the popularity of this game. The concept of 90 Ball Bing is fairly easy to understand. The difference than the regular card you get is 90 Ball Bing holds only 15 numbers on a 3 X 9 grid with a 5 square in each row with numbers from 1 - 90 and the rest are blank. Your winning patterns include a "Single Line Across" where the player would cross off a horizontal line. Then your "Two Lines Across" that means your have crossed off any two horizontal lines on your card. Last you have the and "Full House" that's means your have correctly crossed off three lines on your card.

75 Ball Bingo - 75 Ball is one of the most favourite Bingo games played in North America and it the one that you will be most familiar with. Your will have 25 spaces on a 75 ball bingo card with 5x5 vertical and horizontal rows. At the centre of the card will marked with a blank for a free space. The 75 Bingo board has 5 rows of 15 numbers, for a total of 75 possible numbers.

80 Ball Bingo - This is the new game that sweeping the nation "80 Ball Bingo" has proved to be the next best thing. Very similar to it's younger brother 75 Ball Bingo it has a lot of similarities but just a little different. With the 80 Ball board you have 5 rows of 16 numbers for a total of 80 numbers. All of the Four numbers are split into groups from Red 1-20, Yellow 21-40, Blue 41-59 and Silver 60-80.

30 Ball Bingo - Looking for a faster version of Bingo well "30 Ball Bingo" aka Speed Bingo is a lot quicker with a smaller board. Your grid would be 3x3 and only 30 balls used in this particular game.

75 Ball Bingo - 75 Ball Variant is a game that is on a 5x5 grid with a centre square marked free space. On your first column you will have numbers ranging from 1 - 10, 11 - 20, 21 - 30, and so on. You will have 5 numbers per column having numbers from 1 - 15 to the last 61 - 75.

Play Bingo Online

Here is a list of the best sites to play bingo online:

Rank Icon Casino Bonus Bonus Type Play
1. 888 Casino $1400 100% Match
2. Party Casino $500 100% Match

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