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For the longest time nobody trusted online casinos.  Everyone thought they were run by crooked people trying to make a quick buck off the stupid.  Well, this is partially true because people (even in live casinos) are willing to play games that they are set up for them to lose, but hey, I am guilty of it myself.  The reason we play is for the entertainment aspect, the thrill or rush that you get from playing thinking you might be the next person to "win big" or hit a jackpot.  Well the days of fly by night casinos have for the most part stopped, but there are still rare cases, which is why you should play at a casino that is well known and trusted.

In the early 2000's the online casino industry took a turn for the better.  Many online casinos became publically traded companies and were thoroughly watched with a microscope to ensure that all activities were 100% legit.  Even investors in the stock market doubted them at first, but once they saw that these were actually legit businesses many people that got in early made huge fortunes off of these companies and continue to do so today.  After all, the house always wins and even though some games just have a slight house advantage, it would be stupid for them to cheat players out of money which they will eventually make in the long run anyway.

Another great thing that came about in the 2000's (possibly a bit earlier) was government regulation.  The government of many countries stepped in to ensure that its citizens were not getting ripped off by these rogue operations and added tough audits and compliance tests to ensure that sites were secure places to play.  The UK Government is probably one of the biggest and best examples of this as they currently license hundreds of online gaming companies.

So what is an online casino?  Well if I didn't loose you with the first half of this article, an online casino as the Internet equivalent of a real brick and mortar casino.  They use random number generators to simulate the action you would see at a live table or slot game.  Players can log in from anywhere in the world and place bets on hundreds of games, from blackjack to roulette to slots.  This can be done with real money by depositing from your bank account, through a credit card or one of the other various deposit methods, or you can just play for fun and risk no money at all for FREE!

Internet Casino vs. Online Casinos

Online casinos have several names.  Some people call them Internet Casinos, while others prefer the term online casinos.  Some other things people call them are: e-casinos, i-casinos, casinos online, internet gambling sites, web casinos and many more.  No matter what you choose to call them they are all the same thing, a web-based version of a live casino.

Choosing an Online Casino

There are many things you should look for when choosing an online casino.  Security and safety should be first and foremost as you should only deposit your money on an online casino with a good reputation.  All the casinos listed on are considered safe places to play as they have operated for at least 2 years without any known major issues or are licensed by a reputable government organization or respected licensing organization.

Another important thing to consider when choosing a place to play is what operating platforms their software will run on.  All casinos will run on windows based computers, but not all will run on Mac or Linux computers.  If you are using either of the latter, you may want to check out our pages on Web-based online casinos.

The next important thing to consider when choosing an online casino is deposit options.  If you want to play for real money, but can't get money on the site then what is the point.  Most casinos have a variety of options for depositing, but if you have a specific method you want to use you may want to ensure that this is an option at a casino you are considering.

Once you have gotten past the first 3 things listed above, there are a bunch of other perks you might look for at a casino.  These include game offerings (if you have a favourite game you want to play), table limits (some casinos only have small limits), loyalty programs, and of course the casino bonuses (which is what this site is all about).


Online Casinos

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