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History of Slots

The history of slots can date back to as far as the late 18 Century in America. Slot Machines where never heard of back than until a couple of friends in New York called Pitt & Sittman designed a slot system that involved 5 drums that would resemble poker hands. Due to the lack of technology in the 1800 there was no automatic payback system for the winning players, instead the players where paid out in food and drinks.

A man named Charles Fay was the inventor of the very first slot machine that he made in the basement of his own house. The very first slot he made "Liberty Bell" didn't take off the way he wanted it to until many years later it was pick up and advertised in the famous Flamingo Hilton hotel at the booming strip at Las Vegas. The slot machines that you see today are fun and full of bright colours and spinning objects , but you didn't find this with the one Charles Fay made. His machine weighed over 110 pounds of cast iron and was confusing and ugly to look at. Charles machine was quite simple with objects such as stars, diamonds, horseshoes and spades. If you where a winner you would receive a 50 Cent payout that was a lot of money for some people back in the day. If your interested and want to see the famous first slot machine you can visit "Liberty Bellle Saloon" in Reno where the have the original Liberty Bell.

As time progressed and everybody loved playing on the Liberty machine Mr Charles Fay had decided to spice the market up and make the Operator bell Slot Machine. This new and improved design changed the look of the slots from that point to now. The new machine will offer a jazzier more louring design with colourful fruits and bright lights. Around 1910 people in America started to protest the Slot Machine to become the anti-gambling movement that put a dent to Charles Fay and the rest of the people promoting the Slot machines. Many Cities and States in America started to clamp down and making Slots Illegal and the first to do it was San Francisco. Then the majority of Americas States started to jump on the ban wagon and close shop to anybody that had any type of gaming slot system, not even vending machines where saved.
A mobster named "Bugsy" Siegel was one of the most feared men in Las Vegas was also involved with the Slots. Bugsy built and owned the Flamingo Hilton that was quite a popular spot back in those times had a huge rich cliental that played big bucks. Bugsy saw an opportunity that he can fill the empty spaces with the fun slot machines too keep the players wife's and girlfriend entertained. It turned out later on that the Slot generated more money than the actually players.
During the late 1960's when the world was changing by the minute so where the slot machines. All the new and improved machines became electric that meant that when you play its more secure then the previous machines and a lot more difficult to cheat. All of a sudden it became widespread across the Casinos all over the States. When the 80's rolled around the technology was more advanced and microchip powered slots were created to save the casinos money. This lighter more advanced system helped casinos jam slots everywhere in their casinos because it was no a lot cheaper than before.
Now a days when you walk into any casino in any part of the world you will see Slot machines in your face just as you enter. All the bright colour full lights and the promise to win millions are right in front of you all you have to do is just insert a couple of coins. Right now the majority of a Casinos revenue is all part and parcel to the slot machine so there is a great respect to the founders of this wonderful machine.

Online Slots

If you have ever gone to a live Casino you will notice a huge difference when you play online either for fun or money. Due to recent popularity the Slot machines online are taking off very fast and seem to be the most popular online casino game of choice. The Slot machines today are all programmed by a computer to select a bunch of random objects, and are programmed with C Language or Java. If you ever decide to play online slots you would need to download the Flash software on your desktop in order to see the flash slots. There is absolutely no difference playing online as opposed to sitting down at a casino and playing because its a random game of chance. Once your ready to play you either hit the "spin" button or the computer spin reel and the objects or numbers would stop randomly. Below is a summary of the major types of online slots available in casinos.

Reel Slots

Reel slots machines are pretty much the most familiar machines you will see at any major casino. The basic machine is not confusing because you have up to 3 to 5 reel with 1 to 3 pay lines. This is one of the better machines for the beginner that wants to start slow before you move your way up to the more advanced slot machines.

Bonus Slots

The Bonus is one of the best special features of the Slot Machines where a object appears after you have one a round with a winning selection of various numbers. Depending what game you are player or how much you wagered the bonus varies. The majority of the bonus you would receive would be a free spin or extra credit given to your account. Some bonus rounds the player would be able to pick from a series items on the computer screen to choose from. When you decide to choose an item you would be rewarded money in the game depending what item you choose.

Video Slots

Video slots is extremely popular and very similar to regular slots you would see in the casinos. When you play you will see 5 reels unlike the traditional three reel set up and you will notice all types of technology put into this slot. You will notice when you play Video Slots online that the graphics are improved with all types of sounds to make you feel your at a real casino at Las Vegas. Majority of video slots include multiple pay lines with special bonus round with symbols, multipliers and wild symbols.

Progressive Slots

Progressive Slot machines are games that you play with multiple people and the more people play the more the jackpot builds. Usually at the start there is a seed amount for the jackpots and on each game wager the amount goes us putting it towards the overall prize. Depending on where you play the jackpot amount varies but you can win up to 1 Million if you lucky enough to hit the jackpot.

Slot Terminology

Due to the increasing amount of popularity for the "The One Armed Bandit" aka Slots you will want to keep up with the terms to be a knowledgeable slot player. At CasinoB we have compiled a list of Slot Slang you would need to stay on top of the game.
Coin Size - This is how much money you want to insert in the machine usually from 25 Cents to 10 Dollars for one spin
Coins per spin - This is the limit of coins you can play for one spin
Hit Rate - This is a system that lets you know your average in winning and loosing spins.
Hold - The "Hold" is a percentage of coins played that's held by the machine that your playing at. Depending on where you play its around 3% to 12%
Max Bet - This is the amount of money that you can typically spend on one pull of the reel
Progressive Jackpot - Where you play with a group of people as the jackpot grows on each players spin
Pay Cycle - This interesting belief where the slot machine goes through a pay cycle when it reaches its max in coins and must pay out to the software.
Random Number Generator (RNG) - The RNG is a computer program that built inside that understands when the symbols decide to line up on the reels. Even when the Machine is not in use its still programmed to keep running and generating numbers. It makes no difference weather you bet high or low because its all based on the sequence of random numbers.
Reels - This is the rotating part of a slot machine.
Symbols - The pictures, letter or numbers on the reels. For example Bar - Bar - Bar
Wild Symbol - The Wild Symbol is one of the favourites from the player where you receive money when you get it. Sort of like a joker will count as any other symbol and on some slots multiply.

Slots Strategy

So is there a secret trick in winning by playing Slots? This question has been on peoples mind weather they are playing at home or live at a casino. Some people say, Yes and others say No! Its just a game of luck of random numbers. At Casinob we have compiled a list of tips to help you win more money when you play online or at your local casino.

Slot Tips

Tip 1 - Find the machine that has the highest pay out, you would want to find something that's over 90%
Tip 2 - Set a "loosing" goal for yourself. If you have exceeded the amount you wanted to spend, get up and go play another game.
Tip 3 - Remember your playing a robot that doest care if it has all your money, take your time and and don't double money up on every spin.
Tip 4 - Always pay attention to when you cash out because a lot of players forget.
Tip 5 - Try playing for fun and see if you like it, and once your comfortable play for real money.
Tip 6 - Slots can be fun but don't stay stagnate at just one machine move around even though your winning.

Slots Bankroll - Having a Slot Bankroll before you play either online or at a Casino have money limit on how much you want to spend on slots. If you have $150 that you are willing to risk once you go over get up and leave and don't keep player to avoid wasting more money. Try and be smart with your money, for example if your playing $10 per spin try and making $2 per spin because you have a way better chance of hitting the jackpot.
Slots Payout Chart - This chart is displayed on all the casino slots and it lets you know which symbol combinations win what prize on the game. Due to the Slots not being equal check around and see what machine that has a better payout and play there for a bigger jackpot. Some slot machines have the same amount to insert your money but some pay out way better.
Slots Player VIP Clubs - Being a VIP member at any casino is well worth it if you like to play slots because they reward you each time you play for real money. This is all based on a point system similar to points to fly on an airplane. Each dollar that is spent you will receive points that cash out at the end once you compile them.

Cheating At Slots:

Since this is one of the most popular games at any casino with roughly 80% of there winning is from slots, overtime there have been cases where people cheated the slots. In today's world with the technology the way it is always changing, it's almost impossible to steal from the slots. Back many years ago when the system where less advanced there have been many people how have successfully out smarted the machines causing millions of dollars in Nevada alone. One of the oldest trick in the book is with a coat hanger and some people still try and get away with it today. With the coat hanger the will stick it up in the machine and try and interfere with the brain in order for it to keep paying out. It is virtually impossible for casinos to keep track of all the players on the slot machines so it makes it more attractive for people to try and steal.

Best Slots To Play

If your a new coming into the slot gaming world we have compiled a list to let you know what are the most popular casino slot games being played right now. Playing slots is extremely simply is just a click of your mouse pad or your hand and your off to the races. For some the slot game of choice really depends on how comfortable you feel and if you like all the bells and whistles to go along with it. Take a look at the list below to see the hottest online slots.

Alien Video Slots - This slot game is one of the freekest games to play. The graphics are off the wall and you enjoy playing and getting scared at the same time.

The Beverly Hillbillies Video Slots - If you love TV than you would be family with this fun tv show game that people enjoy playing.

Cleopatra Slots - This game is one of the favorite among player because it offers 5 reels and 9 paylines. This game has

Sphinx and Cleopatra symbols with tons of bonus spins.

Elvis Slots - This is a game that has been around for 30 years now and still going strong. Everybody still loves the king!

Enchanted Unicorn Video Slots - The game that is voted the favourite slot machine to play with all sorts of strange magic.

Hexbreaker Video Slots - This new game is getting a lot of attention with its $200 000 payout award with a 5 line 13 mulit-reel combination.

Jeopardy - Since game shows are extremely popular you will love to sit down and play this fast pace moving game.

Megabucks - What attracts people to come and play Megabucks is the largest payout in slot history. Millions can be one in one spin!

Wheel of Fortune Slots - This is a fun, new and exciting game that gives you highest chance of getting a bonus than any other slot game.


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