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Unbe-bieber-ble: Online Casino Buys Justin’s Hair!

Teen bopper pop star, Justin Bieber is one of those celebs you either love or hate – depending on which side of the 16 year old cut off mark you are.  Since I left my teen years behind many moons ago, no guessing my sentiments for this kid. But, I suppose I have to give him some credit for doing a lot of good, especially when it comes to his fans and his favorite charities.

A cool story about Justin Bieber caught my eye this week involving the star and an online casino. Apparently, the young man – that of the recently shorn locks – made a surprise visit to the Ellen DeGeneres show and gave her one his locks as a souvenir birthday present.  Justin told Ellen that she could sell the hair and give the money to her favorite charity and without hesitation, she decided that the money would go to The Gentle Barn – a non-profit organization that helps farm animals and needy kids.

Ellen put the hair up for auction and there was a lot of bidding activity – after all, think of how many hysterical teenage girls would love to have a lock of their idol hidden in a locket around their necks…  But – and I’m sorry to burst the bubble here – the hair was eventually awarded to Golden Casino online casino site which offered to pay a whopping $40,000 for it. 

You may remember that Golden Palace Casino is fantastically famous for buying weird and wonderful items in a bid to attract publicity. Once the site purchased a grilled cheese toast sandwich in the shape of the Virgin Mary, while another time it picked up Britney Spears’ pregnancy test. And so, it came as no surprise that Golden Palace Casino REALLY wanted to get its hands on the Bieber hair!  The online casino realized the huge monetary potential in owning such longed-for locks and has promised to put the hair out on their very own tour – with all proceeds going to charity of course!

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