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Watching Las Vegas Reruns

I recently took a tumble and was told to keep my foot up for a week.   In between office stuff I can do from my laptop and surfing the net to play my favorite online casino games, I ran across some reruns of that great NCB show, Las Vegas.  OK, so I admit it’s not the kind of show that would win awards but I used to enjoy watching the team at the Montecito Resort and Casino – a fictional resort, by the way – as dealt with the events in their day to day running of the casino.

Las Vegas ran on NBC from 2003 to 2008 and had quite a strong following of viewers, so it comes as no surprise when the network suddenly dropped the show and didn’t renew it after Season Five, that people were outraged that it was left at a cliffhanger.

After watching around four different episodes, I have to say that my favorite character in the show is Ed Deline, who starred in the show for four out of its five seasons. His character is president of operations at the casino and he is also a great family man.  I like the way he manages to handle the security side of the casino in a firm but caring way, and the way his staff relate to him. I’ve taken some great management pointers from this character!

Another character I like is Danny McCoy, who is Ed Deline’s protege in the series and eventually takes over his job when James Caan, who plays Deline, left the show after season four. McCoy eventually takes over Deline’s job as head of security and is also in a relationship with his daughter, with the two expecting their first child together.

If you’re ever stuck at home with nothing to do, or feel like watching some cool TV entertainment which doesn’t require much concentration or forethought, then sit down and enjoy re-runs of Las Vegas.  It seems that NBC doesn’t have plans to bring back the show right now, which seems a shame in the grand scheme of things.

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