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Happy Birthday Intertops

Looking at the online sportsbetting industry today, it’s hard to believe that nothing quite like it existed 15 years ago. True, punters could go into retail betting shops or make telephone bets, but the convenience of internet sports wagering had to be experienced to be appreciated. 

It all began with one sportsbetting company, Intertops, which had been offering its services to sports punters since the   1980’s. In 1996, as more and more people became aware of the pleasures of online gambling, Intertops launched the first ever odds online and encouraged punters to make bets. The game in question was between Hereford United and Tottenham Spur – a relatively unexciting game in the grand scheme of things but a significant milestone for the online sportsbetting industry.

The first person to make a bet on the game was a Finnish punter by the name of Jukka Honkavaara. He placed a $50 bet on the outcome of the match and won $52 – making himself a $2 profit.  Jukka didn’t realize that he would be making history by placing the very first online sportsbet. He went on to celebrate the progress of Intertops through the years, and even spoke at the 10th anniversary of the site by saying:  “The days of sportsbetting and bookies having a ‘shady’ reputation are long gone, and the kind of online service that Intertops brought in the sportsbetting arena brought credibility to the business so that a simple family man like myself can use the service online, from the comfort of my home, without any unnecessary risk.”

It is true that Intertops continues to go from strength to strength. From its humble beginnings in London in 1983, the group has climbed to incredible heights, now offering online betting services across a vast realm – including online casino games, poker and mobile gambling.  The group has a solid industry reputation, with a name synonymous with security, fast payouts and top entertainment.  With its 15 year celebrations expected to last throughout this year, customers can expect to enjoy lots of super offers and promotions.

 There’s nothing left to say except:  Happy Birthday Intertops!

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