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Lottery Winner is Sued by Ex-Wife for Millions

I was gobsmacked by the absolute cheek of an English woman who reportedly sued her ex-husband for £8 million after he won the EuroMillions Lottery earlier this year. Now, we’re not talking about a jilted wife who was freshly separated from her prowling husband. We’re talking about a woman who left HIM a DECADE ago to marry someone else!

Wendy Page got wind of the fact that her ex, Nigel, won a staggering  £56 million in the lottery and was quick to make her way back into his life – with an £8 million demand! Incredibly, Nigel Page had been on his way to offer her a gift of £1 million after he won the prize since he’s a guy with a generous spirit. (So much so, I read, that, after his win, he signed over his £260,000 house to his former housekeeper). 

His ex, however, didn’t like the size of the gift he proposed and demanded eight times more. After threatening to take him to court, the two sides finally reached an out-of-court agreement and she got £2 million in the end. It is thought to be the first time that a lottery winner has been forced to give away some of his winnings to an ex-partner.

I remember reading back in 2005 that a Florida guy was sued by his wife and his wife’s sister for lottery winnings because he had fathered a child with both of them. I don’t remember the outcome, but what I remember thinking was that it is really sad how some families are torn apart by lottery wins and how difficult it must be to keep your cool with all these new demands on you.

Today’s lottery winners have the choice, in many cases, of staying anonymous so that nobody actually needs to know that they’ve just bagged a fortune. I’m sure it’s hard to keep the fact that you’ve become a millionaire 56 times over a secret after buying an online casino lottery ticket, especially when you move into a new eco-pad that cost you millions, and trade in your spluttering Fiat for a brand new Porsche… but at least the average man in the street won’t know your name and come banging on your door claiming to be a long lost relative, or – in Nigel Page’s case – a loving ex-wife.

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