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Top 5 High Roller Suites in Vegas

It can be hard to find out a lot of info about some of the best high roller suites in Vegas, heck most don’t even list these rooms on their websites!  Fortunately we have managed to find a few of the best ones out there that are either reserved for high roller players, celebrities and anyone else with a huge bankroll that just has a lot of money to blow.

Best High Roller Suites in Vegas

Number 5:

Lucky 7 Suite

Hard Rock Hotel

One of the ultimate bachelor party rooms in Vegas, the Lucky 7 suite is typically only reserved for the Vegas elite who frequent the Hard Rock on a regular basis.  To stay in the room you probably would have to have no problem dropping over $1 Million in their casino on any given night or be extremely well connected.  The room comes complete with 3 bedrooms, huge plasmas everywhere, a stripper pole and even a crazy jacuzzi that has a switch to make rain fall from the ceiling!  I managed to be fortunate enough to get access to this suite and snapped a few pictures:




Number 4:

Hardwood Suite

Palms Casino Resort

This room is definitely reserved to hang out with the boys, but I am sure any room with a basketball court in it is sure to impress the ladies as well.  This ultra luxury room is part of the Sky Villas at the palms and can be rented for $25,000 per night.  Other than the basketball court, the room comes complete with a professional score board, locker room, pool table, full bar with lounge and of course the usual plasmas everywhere.

For more information about the Hardwood Suite, check out the palms website.



Number 3:

Chairman Suite

Venetian Hotel

The Chairman Suites cost over 5 Million dollars to build and for $15,000 a night (if approved), you can experience a night of ultimate luxury.  Located on floors 34-36, the suites contain 27 plasmas, a karaoke room, beauty salon, spa and gym.  You will also have your own personal butler to get you anything your heart desires.  These suites are typically only available for celebrities, business moguls and the highest rollers in the casino, but if you are approved you too can experience everything they have to offer.


Number 2:

Hard Rock Penthouse Suite

Hard Rock Hotel

Home to some of the best parties in Vegas, the Hard Rock Suite is one of the best places to bump into celebrities and some of the most attractive girls in Vegas.  The room itself comes decked out with everything you need to have a crazy party with a full bar, pool tables, mosaic hot tub and even a bowling alley.  I was fortunate enough to attend a party at the Hard Rock Suite and judge a bikini contest while there.  Here are some pics from that night:





Number 1:

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa

Palms Casino Resort

What balling hotel suite list wouldn’t be complete with this room! At $40,000/night, the Hugh Hefner Playboy inspired Sky Villa is the most expensive room in Las Vegas.  With over 10,000 square feet, an insane infinity pool, a massage room, rotating bed and some of the best views of the entire Vegas Strip, this is the place to stay if money is no object. This room has been featured in many articles of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world and if you check out some of the pics you will understand why!

For more pics and details of this suite, check out the Palms website.



Honerable Mention: The Venetian also contains a “Presidential Suite” but little information is available about this room.  The room is reserved for the casino’s biggest whales that gamble an average of 6-8 million dollars per night and over $150,000 per hand.

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  1. ג'קוזי says

    Amazing photos…. I love all of them but the most I like is the infinity pool one. I am planning to start some work for infinity pool on my floor. I am sure after that it will look amazing….
    The one who will visit this hotel must had a lot of fun….

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