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I Nearly Won the EuroMillions Jackpot!

I did! I really, really did nearly win this week’s EuroMillions jackpot!  No, my seven numbers didn’t match those drawn, and so I didn’t win the GBP 101 million, but i nearly did.  I didn’t have six, five, four or even three numbers matching.  In fact, if truth be told, I didn’t even buy a lottery ticket. BUT IF I had purchased one, the Lucky Stars numbered that I WOULD have guessed were those exact ones drawn!  OK, so maybe I didn’t nearly win the EuroMillions, but it sure as hell sounds great saying it!

So let’s take my fantasy one step further.  Say that it was me (me! me! me!) who called through to the UK National Lottery offices on Friday night to say that all seven numbers matched and it was me (me! me! me!) who claimed the massive check with so many zeroes that I get dizzy thinking about them.

What would I be able to do with this enormous sum of money – the third biggest lottery prize in UK history?

First of all, I would instantly become richer than David Bowie by a cool million. That in itself is worth the win.  Me ‘n Davie could meet up and do some jamming sessions together now that we’re mixing in the same crowds.  I would, in fact, become the 702nd richest person in the whole of Britain. Me, me, me!

I would go on the ultimate shopping spree and buy objects that I’ve always wanted (and those I never did). A Ferrari? My fat check could buy 600 brand new, out-the-box 458 Italia models.

A diamond encrusted Chopard watch worth GBP 15 million each? I could easily afford six of those.

Even my better half has jumped on board my fantasy and has claimed the check to treat herself to 720 pairs of the world’s most expensive shoes – diamond laden delights by the House of Borgezie worth ‘only’ GBP 140,000 each.

And if all this gets a little too rough for me, I think I’ll retire to my own private island called Rangyai, a sliver of my own paradise off the coast of Thailand, which would put me back GBP 100 million.

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