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Cashing Out at an Online Casino

Let’s say you’ve found a great and safe online casino. You’ve gotten a good online casino bonus and you’ve played through the right amount, and you’re on a roll and you have a couple of hundred dollars and now you want to move that cash to where it can really do you some good – your bank account. Let’s say you want to buy some new electronics or take a little vacation. It turns out that getting money from an online casino to your own bank account can be a little complicated.

All online casinos make you jump through some hoops to cash out. They have to make you jump through these hoops, because otherwise, hackers would just break into people’s accounts, cash out, and have checks sent to PO boxes for them to pick up around the world. Since your winnings can only arrive at your physical address or your personal bank account, hacking into an online casino is a lot less profitable, therefore much less likely to happen.

The goal of the system is to make sure that the person who makes the deposit is the same person who gets the withdrawal. The main things they look for are simple. They want to make sure that every account has the same name on it. They will only mail a check to a physical address, no PO boxes. They need you to prove that someone with the name on the original cash lives at that address. They will only transfer cash to an e-wallet if that e-wallet was the means of deposit, and obviously, only to the same account.

You’ll generally need to send in proof of ID – that’s a copy of your driver’s license if you have one. If you don’t, you can use a passport, a non-driver ID, or if your country has a national ID, that will do. Your name, photo, and signature must be clearly visible on the copy.

They’ll want a photocopy of the front and back of the credit card used to open the account. Before you mail that in, leave the first 4 numbers on the front, black out the next 8, and leave the last 4. On the back, black out the first 4, and leave the last 3, called the CVV or the card code.

For proof of address, they’ll want a copy of a utility bill with your name on it, dated within the last three months. Your whole name and address must appear on the bill. Don’t bother blanking out anything on this bill. Nobody cares how much water or electricity you use. It’s best to avoid using a phone bill if it is itemized by phone call. If you must use one of these, you should black out any numbers dialed.

Once all of your paperwork has been mailed or faxed in, it may take a few days to process your payment. Be patient, but if you don’t get notification that your payment has cleared, be sure to remind customer service. Most of all, enjoy your win!

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