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History Of Caribbean Stud Poker

With the majority of Poker games their are tons of different theories about where they originated from, and who are the people that invented the game. The nice thing about Caribbean Stud Poker is that we know where it originated from and how it came about. Caribbean Poker is a game that dates back around the 15 Century but was made popular not to long ago.

The game began in Aruba which is located in the Caribbean, hence the name Caribbean Poker. Then rapidly traveled its way up to North America. Due to this exciting game it turned into one of the hottest, most played online casino games out there in the online casino world.
Caribbean Stud was first played on a cruise ship then was brought to North America to all the famous casinos including the state of Nevada where this game is played with tons of line ups. Back in the early 15 Century the games that played where three card games and Caribbean Poker dates that far back so there are same traits to the original game. By the 1700's the game changed so that betting and where you can bluff you cards where changed. Still today bluffing in Caribbean Poker is extremely difficult so not much has changed from many years ago when the original game was played. Now in today's world this game has continued to impress many people and you would be able to play this game at any Casino you go to especially Nevada.

How To Play Caribbean Stud Poker

Playing Caribbean Stud Poker is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. If your familiar with poker than you should know all the different types of ranking hands. If you are at a Casino you would be playing at a table the size of a Blackjack table online it differs from site to site.

The object of the game is to beat the dealers hand with yours but it doesn't apply to the people beside you at the table, its sort of like a one on one with the dealer. When your ready to play you have to first give up an ante bet that equals to the table minimum, and you have the option side bet for the bonus jackpot. Once the players have chipped in the dealer will hand you 5 cards face down and then the dealer would hand him or herself 4 cards down and 1 up. Depending on your hand you will choose to throw your cards in or play with the hand you have. The dealer will then turn his cards over and he must have a hand with a Ace-King or better in order to win. If you so happen to beat the dealer you would be paid in even money for their original ante bet and the second call bet is a push. A "Push" means the bet doesn't win or lose.

One Pair or less: 1 to 1
Two Pairs: 2 to 1
Three of a Kind: 3 to 1
Straight: 4 to 1
Flush: 5 to 1
Full House: 7 to 1
Four of a Kind: 20 to 1
Straight Flush: 50 to 1

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

This game is a bit slower paste then Blackjack, your in a more relaxed environment and its more of a social game than anything. Having said that playing every single hand is not a good idea you should fold if you don't have good cards like an Ace or King in your suit. It's not really rocket science you would know the hands to play and the ones to fold. For example if you where to be dealt anything lower than a Queen -6-4 you should fold because the chance of winning is slim. This Strategy will help you lower the house's edge to less than 2 %. The decision whether to play the Progressive Jackpot for $1 a hand should be made based on the value of the progressive. Below is an example of a chart for playing Progressive.

Hand Description Example
Royal Flush Highest hand in Poker. Cards must be of same suit AS KS QS JS 10S
Straight Flush Five sequential cards of the same suit 2C 3C 4C 5C 6C
Four of a Kind Four of the same cards 7H 7C 7S 7D 5D
Full House 3 cards of one value & 2 cards of another value 8S 8H 8D 5C 5S
Flush Five cards of the same suit 3D 6D 7D JD AD
Straight Five cards in sequence of any suit 7D 8C 9H 10D JS
Three of a Kind 3 cards of same denomination and 2 other cards 4S 4D 4H 7S JC
One Pair Two cards of the same denomination, three unmatched cards. A A 6 8 3
Ace & King An Ace, King and any three cards AS 5D QH 4S KC

Caribbean Stud Payouts

One of the things you should remember when playing is the different payouts that are associated with Caribbean Stud Poker. You should know that not all the bets play the same, so to get hands have significantly higher payout odds. At Casinob we have listed below a chart that will help you understand the payouts a little better for Caribbean Poker. You should remember that these payouts below only apply if the dealer qualifies and there is no push in the game.

Royal Flush pays 100:1
Straight Flush pays 50:1
Four of a Kind pays 20:1
Full House pays 7:1
Flush pays 5:1
Straight pays 4:1
Three of a Kind pays 3:1
Two Pair pays 2:1
Pair/No Pair pays 1:1

Here is a screenshot of a typical online Caribbean poker game:

Play Caribbean Poker Online

Here is a list of the best online casinos to play Caribbean stud poker on the Internet:

Rank Icon Casino USA Bonus Bonus Type Play
1. Begado Casino $9999 333% Match
2. Betfair Casino $50 FREE FREE BONUS
3. WinPalace Casino $2000 200% Match
4. Golden Cherry Casino $3000 300% Match
5. 888 Casino $1400 100% Match


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