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If you ever go to a casino now a days you will find people at a Craps table having the time of there life's. Long ago their was a game called "Hazard" which is where many people believe craps came from. To this day Historians are stumped debating for years in how Craps originated but understand it dates back to many centuries ago. Hazard a game very similar to Craps is believed that it originated from an Arabic dice game called "Al Zar" which translates in Arabic to "Dice". Due to the Arabs being merchants over time scholars believe that they may have migrated to Europe as early as the 12 Century. Some evidence points out that dice games can go back to as far as 2600Bc in Egypt so they are almost certain that it originated in the Arab world.

In England during the 17th Century the game Hazard was getting a lot of attention and popularity began to grown at an alarming rate. Everybody who would be in a tavern would know about this game and the luxury casino where it was being played.
Around the 18th Century the French adopted the game due to the close bond of the English Channel but changed the name of Hazard to make them feel original. The French decided to name the new game they had taken from the English and call it "Craps". The name Craps is to describe a loosing situation in Hazard in which the players rolls a Two. There are mixed reviews about where the name Craps was invented and many scholars believe that the name was changed in America when it was brought over.

A man named John H. Winn in the 19th Century hand invented a way easier layout to the game that known as the "Philadelphia Layout". John Winn is considered to be the man of the craps tables according to John Scarne who is a famous dice maker. Winn brought to the games the Pass and Don't Pass bets, the Big 6 and 8 and it was only thanks to him that now players were able to place bets against the shooter. As time went on the world started to become thrilled and intrigued by this game. Around the early 1990's when Slot where a huge success the popularity of Craps began to slowly decrease. Surely enough 20 years later when everybody is playing craps online, the popularity of Craps started to grow again and now you can see Thousands of people playing daily.

How to Play Craps

Playing Craps is a bit different than your traditional casino games because of playing directly against the house the outcome of the game is in the players hand because they are the one who rolls the dice. At Casino b we will sum up the best way how you will understand playing Craps. By looking at a Craps table looks a bit scary and intimidating for a beginner but is quite easy once you get the hang of it. The Craps table has all sorts of areas that represent wagers that can be made. As many as 12 players can be playing at the same time, but only 1 player has the power to throw the dice. All of the other players that bet hold all the faith in the guy or girl who is throwing the dice. When the player throws the dice and the game stands still the dealer would then pay out the winning bets and take the loosing from the players who bet on the game.

You must know that the whole objective of the game of Craps is always bet on winning combinations and numbers as rolled by the player. The player throwing the dice (Craps Shooter) first roll is called "Come Out And Roll" can either make you or break you depending on how he or she rolls. Usually before the first roll the players will place a bet called "Pass Line Bet" and if the Shooter rolls a 7 or 11 everybody instantly wins. The unlucky roll the Shooter would make if it landed on either 2, 3 or 12 and you loose your bet.

The game starts with the "Point" (4,5,6,8,9 or 10) and the players have the option to place wagers on all of the boxes on the board. Once the bets have been placed, the Shooter will throw the dice hoping that he would get Point Numbers. On the "Come Out Roll" a point would be determined when the shooter would roll either a 2,3,7,11. The game will go on until the shooter rolls a 7 where most of the bets are lost or rolls the current point.

Craps Betting

To fully understand how Craps works we have broken down a list of various bets you can make at the Craps table. It is very important to understand all the bets and how they work depending on what is rolled from the outcome of the shooter.

Pass Line Bet

The Pass line bet is one of the most basic bets that you can bet on at a Craps table that majority of the players bet on. For beginners this is probably the safest wager to bet on because it has a house edge of 1.41% and you can focus on just one section of the table. You can win more money if the shooter rolls 7 or 11, but if the he or she rolls a 2, 3 or 12 your bet would be lost. For the most part any other combinations will determine the point if the shooter rules (4,5,6,8,9 or 10) before rolling a 7 on the table.

Come Bet

You will notice if you play the "Pass Line Bet" the Come Bet has a lot of similarities. The Come Bet can be made anytime but the only difference is that the bet is placed after the point has been determined in the game. When the shooter's next roll happens to be either a 7 or 11 you will win, but if he roll either a 2, 3 or 12 you would end up loosing. As long as the shooter is not rolling a 7, 11, 2 ,3 or 12 will get you a point and you would want the player to roll your point before he or she rolls a 7. Playing on the Come Bet you have an option to place an "Odd Bet" that would increase your overall wager.

Field Bet

Playing the Field bet is based entirely on the shooters next roll. When you place the wager on the field bet your hoping that the shooter rolls either a ( 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11) is rolled on the table. It is important to know if the shooter happens to roll a 2 or 12 that means that your paid 2:1. The player wins more money if 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11 is rolled your winning increase. Usually on the Craps tables a 2 pays double and a 12 pays triple and any other roll would result in a losing wager.

Hard Way Bets

Placing wagers on the "Hard Way Bets" are a extremely difficult but the pay out is far grater than most of the other bets. Hard Way Bets in Craps always dead on in the centre on the table and when you bet your hoping for the shooter to roll pairs on the dice. These bets win if the shooter would roll a 4, 6, 8, or 10 and you would lose if he or she rolls a 7 first or if the numbers roll "Easy". For example in order to win if the shooter rolls a 2 and 2 is a 4 the hard way, and if he rolls a 5 and 5 is a 10 the hard way. If you so happen to win these bets the payouts are high. Playing Hard Way is fun and exciting and you can always place a bet for this unless the shooter rolls a 7.
Hard Way Outcomes - If the Dice turns up a 4 (Double 2) or a 6 (Double 3) an 8 (Double 4) and a 10 (Double 5). The payouts consist of 9:1 for the 6 and 8 Hardways and 7:1 for 4 and 10.

Big 6 & 8

Waging on the Big 6 and 8 the same as betting on the points 6 and 8. The best thing about playing on the Big 6 and 8 is the payout is far greater than the rest. If you bet on these number it pays 7:6.

Don't Come Bet

If you play the Don't Come Bet you will notice the similarities between "Don't Pass Line Bet" and the "Come Bet" just it's in Reverse. This bet can be made while the game is still in progress. If the shooter rolls a 7 before the number you win and you can take down your bet.

One Roll Bets

One roll bets have to be the hardest bets in the whole entire game of Craps. Even thought the payouts can be as high at 30:1 placing your wager on One Roll Bet at the Centre of the table is extremely risky. If you feel lucky on what the next roll is going to be you either win or loose depending on how you play.
7 (Pays 5:1)
4 or 10 (Pays 5:1)
6 or 8 (Pays 10:1)
3 or 11 (Pays 15:1)
2 or 12 (Pays 30:1)

Lay Bet

The Lay bet is opposite of taking odds, another way of putting it is that you think a 7 will be rolled before the point is rolled. In order to make the wager you have to let the Dealer know what you want to do and tell him to lay odds on whatever the point is. When you play in a Casino the general rule is not to give the Dealer the bet just put the chip in font of him and say "Laying odds on 5". Below are the point payouts:

4 or 10 laying the odds pays 1:2
5 or 9 laying the odds pays 2:3
6 or 8 laying the odds pays 5:6.

You must know that you only win this if the point is established and a 7 is rolled before the point.

Craps Tips

Here are a list of Tips that Casino B has provided so that it would make your playing a lot more fun and a greater chance of increasing your odds.

1 - First take your time and see how other people are playing and study the table before placing a wager.
2 - Make it clear in your head that never expect to win ever single roll at the table
3 - Make sure to raise as you win each game and lower your wager as you lose.
4 - Try and play online for free to get the hang of the game before you play with real money
5 - Watch other winning players and see how they are playing.

Online Craps

Online Craps does not have that same appeal as a live craps game and is a lot "crappier" in my opinion (no pun intended).  Sure, you can hang out with a bunch of friends and yell at your computer screen, but this game is probably best played live.  If you can't make it to a casino though and want to play craps online, there are many places you can do this.  The game online is exactly the same as the live one, but instead of physically rolling the dice, you click a button that does all the rolling for you.  The dice are controlled by Random Number Generators meaning that every roll will be randomly determined by a computer.

Here is a screenshot of a typical online craps game:

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