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Keno is quite an old game that dates back 3000 years ago by the Chinese. You might find that Keno is similar the lotto game that you would play in a store. The reason behind that is because it is a lotto game. The name "Keno" has been changed a couple of times through out history and it all started many centuries ago to fund the Chinese army and The Great Wall Of China. When Keno first started to be played the Chinese they where using 120 characters, but when it left the homeland of China and moved around the world the number numbers slowly started to shrank to 80. As time went on and the game got popular and made its way to the United States with the huge wave of Chinese immigrants in the 19th Century. In America places like San Francisco with a large population of Chinese, playing Keno was booming all over town even though its was considered illegal. As time past Americans became really fascinated by this game and more people started to get involved playing, but the Chinese characters where impossible to understand! They thought to make the game more appealing to players they would replace the old confusing chinese characters with Arabic Numbers.

If you in any casino now a days you will find "Video Keno" that is the electronic version of live Keno or the live version. Keno is usually played in Casino lounges with tons of TV monitors to let players know if they won or lost. This is such a popular game and still continues to be around having the same thrill back 3000 years ago.

Keno Rules/How to Win

Keno is quite simple and so are the terms you would need to know. First general rule is the "Keno Ticket" also known as the Keno Card what is a board from 1 to 80 that you bet on. The second rule is that there are the "Spots" in which the numbers that you select on the board. And last but not least there are the "Hits" that are the numbers that you selected.
When you play online Keno a very important rule is deciding on how many numbers to bet on. Once you bet on more numbers on the board of 80 you have a higher chance of winning more. The payouts are based on the matching numbers on the board. For example if you match 2 numbers and match them you would have a way better payout then if you had picked 10 numbers and matched 4. If your lucky and match all 15 numbers on the Keno board you will get a payout of 10,000 to 1 which is the highest payout you can get in the game. Like winning a lotto you scratch at a store it you don't win like that often. When ever you want to play Keno online i suggest to look at the payout table and the Keno Odds in order to give some thought to how many numbers you would like to bet on in the game. Keno is a game like a lotto so there is not trick to win you just have to be smart with your numbers and cross your fingers and hope to with big.

Keno Odds

20 Spots 0 Hits: 1 In 843.380 Or 0.11857057%
20 Spots 1 Hits: 1 In 86.446 Or 1.15678605%
20 Spots 2 Hits: 1 In 20.115 Or 4.97142576%
20 Spots 3 Hits: 1 In 8.009 Or 12.48637168%
20 Spots 4 Hits: 1 In 4.877 Or 20.50318987%
20 Spots 5 Hits: 1 In 4.287 Or 23.32807380%
20 Spots 6 Hits: 1 In 5.258 Or 19.01745147%
20 Spots 7 Hits: 1 In 8.826 Or 11.32954556%
20 Spots 8 Hits: 1 In 20.055 Or 4.98618021%
20 Spots 9 Hits: 1 In 61.420 Or 1.62814048%
20 Spots 10 Hits: 1 In 253.801 Or 0.39401000%
20 Spots 11 Hits: 1 In 1423.822 Or 0.07023351%
20 Spots 12 Hits: 1 In 10968.701 Or 0.00911685%
20 Spots 13 Hits: 1 In 118084.920 Or 0.00084685%
20 Spots 14 Hits: 1 In 1821881.628 Or 0.00005489%
20 Spots 15 Hits: 1 In 41751453.986 Or 0.00000240%
20 Spots 16 Hits: 1 In 1496372110.872 Or 0.00000007%
20 Spots 17 Hits: 1 In 90624035964.712 Or 0.00000000%
20 Spots 18 Hits: 1 In 10512388171906.553 Or 0.00000000%
20 Spots 19 Hits: 1 In 2946096785176811.500 Or 0.00000000%
20 Spots 20 Hits: 1 In 3535316142212173800.000 Or 0.00000000%

Online Keno

Online Keno is probably one of the easiest games online that you can play because its very similar playing your local lotto. If you have every played a lotto game then you will easily adapt to playing Keno online in seconds. Just like all the other Lotto games like Bingo its pretty straightforward and extremely easy to understand. You will first receive a ticket and on the Keno board that has numbers from 1 through 80 printed on it. What you have to do is to predict as many of the 15 numbers that are selected in each round as possible. Once you get a number that you have picked it is called a "Hit" and the payoff depends on how much you wagered on the board. Usually the maximum is 5 dollars. You have the choice to bet $1 or $3 or $5 on the board.

Here is a screenshot of a typical online keno game:

Play Keno Online

Rank Icon Casino USA Bonus Bonus Type Play
1. Begado Casino $9999 333% Match
2. Betfair Casino $50 FREE FREE BONUS
3. WinPalace Casino $2000 200% Match
4. Golden Cherry Casino $3000 300% Match
5. 888 Casino $1400 100% Match


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