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Casino Job Profile – Manager

The job of a casino manager is a well paying one, and in many cases casino mangers have been known to get six figure salaries. However, this is not a position that is just handed out to any candidate looking for a job in a casino; it will require at least five to seven years of experience on your part for you to be even considered for this position.

Ideally, the people who are given the job of a casino manager will have had the experience of working in a management or supervising capacity in the casino and/or hotel industry. If you are already working in a casino, it would take you at least seven years to work your way up from dealer to supervisor to pit boss, and then possibly to VIP host before you enter the managerial sectors of the casino.

Being a casino manager, is a lot like managing a hotel except that you will be in charge of the casino, its games, its staff, the customers, casino events and the general management of the entire process. A casino manger will have a lot of responsibilities to take care of and these include monitoring the casino floor and games to see that no one is cheating or indulging in foul play and ensuring that the casino is making enough money from its games. It is the job of the manager to ensure that everything goes well with the casino and that no laws are broken and that customers are taken care of. It will also be your job to direct the VIP hosts and see that other employees of the casino like the dealers and so on, do their jobs well. Casino mangers are also required to take an active art in the hiring and dismissal of employees and usually have the final say on recruiting. They will also have a lot of funds flowing through their hands, being required to play those under them their salaries and keeping a tab on casino funds; for this reason it is important that casino managers have a good head for numbers.

If you are considering taking up the job of a casino manger, do keep in mind that it involves a lot of hard work and long hours. However here are several perks to the job, which includes a lot of casino privileges like a free stay at the hotel, room discounts and food benefits. To be a casino manager, you should be a person with very good organizational skills, people management skills and also have the ability to perform well under pressure.

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