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Vegas Casino Reviews: Luxor

The Luxor Hotel is one of the most famous names to resonate around Las Vegas. Mainly due to the huge facelift that the hotel and casino was given in 2007 by the owners MGM Grand. The Luxor was originally built in 1991 the same year that work on the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino began.  The hotel is shaped like a pyramid and as such stands out even in Las Vegas as an incredible architectural and construction feat.

The original theme of the Hotel and casino was an ancient Egyptian one, though this was changed during the 2007 refurbishment. The refurb is rumored to have cost in excess of three hundred million dollars and involved upgrading the vast majority of the interior of the hotel. The rooms overlook one of the largest atriums in the world at over twenty five million cubic feet. One does not take an elevator in the Luxor but an ‘inclinator’ which glides along the inside of the Pyramid at a 35 degree angle.

But enough about the hotel what really interests us here on the Casino B blog is the gambling!Naturally all of the classic games are available; Roulette, Blackjack, poker, Baccarat, Craps and others such Pai Gow which is assuming an increasingly prominent position on the casino floors of Las Vegas.

The Luxor offers many and varied poker play, with there being ample provision made for those who wish to play pot limit, fixed limit, no limit and of course cash games.  The Luxor also offers an attraction for the gamblers known as the “Party Pit” about which not too much will be shared save to say that the view is said to be wonderful from the tables!

The addition of a pyramid to the center of Las Vegas certainly presented the strip with some added value. But more than that, the owners aspired for the casino to be a different kind of casino. One which is both slick and appealing, where guests can enjoy themselves at the tables and the card games just as easily as at the IMAX ride present there. Drinks are on the house and the ornate decor presents the guest with a barrage of beauty and ornate engineering. This alone would be enough to ensure that the Luxor would go down as a place to visit, but that combined with the luxury gaming ensures that the Casino B blog recommends the Luxor as one of the eminent hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

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