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World Series of Poker

When people hear the words “World Series of Poker” they tend to think of one big event with all of the best poker players in the world competing for that ultimate title of best of the best. For a huge cash pot and the heavenly winners bracelet. What people aren’t aware of is that the World Series of Poker is in fact a “series” (not just a clever name) of poker events. The most famous of which is the World Series of Poker Main Event. This is the event with the big $10,000 buy in and the prize money that runs into the millions.

The event takes place in Las Vegas over several days and literally thousands of players from around the world participate. It is a No Limit Hold ’em event and many players in the twenty first century are able to win their buy ins online through prizes distributed by online poker sites. The advent of internet poker sites has ensured that the playing field has been levelled with old pros such as Doyle Brunson never being sure where they stand against the internet players who play using odds rather than their gut.

The original tournament started in 1970 at the Horseshoe casino but has since moved to the Rio off of the Las Vegas Strip. It has become something of a festival in Las Vegas and attracts tourists and the press in their hundreds to watch the players vie for a slice of the pie. But No Limit Hold ’em is not the only game played in the World Series of Poker. In fact the series consists of many different variations of the game the winner of each tournament earning him or herself the coveted winners bracelet. Omaha Hi/Lo poker has recently become one of the games of choice for those looking to challenge themselves.

With all the variations in poker play and poker technique, with all of the differing kinds of personalities involved in the game all of them agree on the fact that there is no one version of poker to be an expert on. A true pro must test themselves on all of the variations of the game and become expert in the different odds associated with them. Fortunately none of the events are as expensive to enter as the Main Event though the prize money is not as great either.

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