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Do You Want to Work in a Casino?

Many people dream of being croupiers or dealers in a casino. The excitement, glitz and non-stop action is undoubtedly a huge attraction to this field of employment and it comes as no surprise that thousands of young people apply to casinos across the world in order to join their workforce.

Obviously, not everyone has the personality and stamina to work in a casino. It takes a special person to be able to handle the long hours that sometimes begin in the evening and run into the early hours of the morning. Graveyard hours may seem fun at first, but they can start to take their toll on a person’s health and mental state. In addition, many times customers will treat you like the hired help, at best. Players who have had a bit too much to drink or those who have lost money may not be too courteous.

So what counts?

To work in a casino, you’ll have to have an accommodating personality so that rude customers and their comments don’t bother you in the least. Also, you’ll need to have boundless energy and a cheerful outlook on life.

What do you need to work in a casino?

Now that you’ve established whether a career in a casino setting is good for you or not, the next thing you’ll want to check is what openings are available.  If you are looking to work on the casino floor (poker or blackjack dealer, roulette croupier, bartender, cigarette vendors), be prepared to engage with lots of people all the time. You may also be required to stick to a strict dress code dictated by the casino, depending on the standard of the establishment.

You could also work in the financial side of the casino as a cashier in the “cages”. You don’t need any degree to become a casino cashier, but it does help if you have basic accounting skills.

If you are good, you have the potential to rise from entry level positions to managerial positions within a short space of time. Casinos are always looking for people with ambition, who enjoy interacting with the customers and who have a certain ‘spark’. You can expect good perks if you become a manager, especially if your floor turnover is good.

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