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Gambling Domain Sells for Big Money

We all know how important a domain name is for the success of a business, and this fact is even more evident in the gambling industry where there are literally thousands of online gambling sites and portals.  So when the news was published that the domain name would be up for sale, it soon became clear that that it would fetch a pretty penny.  Speculation was high that the domain name would be able to fetch over a million pounds, and so it was surely pleasing for the sellers when buyers agreed to pay GBP 1.5 million for

We don’t know much about the buyer, who has opted to stay anonymous, but it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things – we’ll know soon enough! The deal was brokered by Sedo, a group who puts potential buyers and sellers together (and makes some cash of its own for getting the best price), and they’ve had great success in the past with other domain names.  For example, they brokered the sale of the domain which fetched a whopping $13 million!!

“The high sale price paid for is a real confidence booster for the global domain industry and demonstrates the value gambling companies are still prepared to place on their digital assets,” said Lisbeth Mack-de-Boer, the CSO for Sedo.

Sedo brokered the deal on behalf of Media Corp. which owned the name and the Chief Executive Officer of the group, Justin Drummond said about the sale: “We are very pleased with the result of the sale of The team at Sedo has made the negotiation process as straightforward as possible and have helped us secure a great price for the domain.”

Media Corp said that the sale had significantly boosted its coffers and it was now in a position to make bigger acquisitions and investments in the domain industry.  Interestingly, Media Corp bought the domain for investment purposes, and it is interesting to see what the new owners have in store for it.

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