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NFL Widowhood Can be Fun!

NFL Season is here again and many wives and girlfriends won’t be seeing their other halves for at least until February, 2011 when the league’s championship game is scheduled to be played at Cowboy’s Stadium in Arlington, Texas.  But between all the sports betting, beer cans and belches, NFL widowhood can actually be a whole lot of fun, and this is the time for the girls to play while the men are glued to TV screens every weekend.

We’ve put together an NFL Widowhood Survival List to be used during the entire season at whim!

Do Some Retail Therapy

This is the perfect time to take to the stores and spend some of your hard earned cash on trinkets, clothes and accessories. If and when your other half comes out of his NFL coma to complain about the size of the credit card bill, smile sweetly and tell him that you miss him so much this season that you can’t even keep track of how much you spend in the stores. Tips on how to earn extra cash are given below.

Do Some Sports Betting of your Own!

Who said that online gambling sites are only for the guys? There are tons of sites out there that offer you the chance to put down a couple of dollars and back your favorite team. You don’t need to be a sports expert to bet online and most of these sites include clear instructions, betting tips and much more. You may very well earn some cool cash of your own that can be spent on anything your heart desires!

Be Extra Nice… and Watch the Rewards Flood In

This is sneaky, but it works every time. Make your man an NFL love-pack that consists of his favorite beer, NFL shaped cookies, a partybag of tacos and a home-made salsa dip. Bring it to him while he’s watching the game, and offer to give him a foot massage at the same time. He’ll be so blown away by your understanding and support that he will give you practically anything you ask for… like the credit card….

NFL Sisterhood

There is no better time to go out with your best friend for coffee, take off for the weekend with your sister or attend an all-girl’s bash with old college mates. NFL season can be the perfect time to bond with the ladies in your life and renew your energies for next year’s run!

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