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Slots Tournaments Explained

These days, a lot of casinos, both online and land-based are offering slots tournaments. It’s a little hard to see why. Slots aren’t quite like poker or backgammon or other tournament games where you play against other players. It’s easy to understand how a basketball tournament works. Sets of two teams play against each other. The one that wins the game advances to the next round. If you started out with sixteen teams, you had eight games. You eliminated eight teams. You play four games for the next round, and are left with four teams. There are two games in the semi-finals, and you’re left with two teams. Usually, in sports events, the two teams play for the best two games out of three. In National League football, though, the Superbowl is a single-game deciding event. This is very much how it works in a backgammon tournament or in a chess tournament.

It obviously doesn’t work that way in a slots tournament. Even poker tournaments don’t work that way. In poker tournaments, usually play is set up in tables of six or eight. Each player is given the same number of chips, and when they run out, they are eliminated. At set intervals, the tables are consolidated, until there is only one table left. One by one, players lose all their money and are eliminated, until there are only two left. Those two play heads-up until one wins. Usually the last several players in win some cash in a poker tournament.

This style of play won’t work in a slots tournament either. In slots, there isn’t really any competition. Play is against the house, but not really in a competitive manner. As a result, turning slots into a tournament game is somewhat of a challenge. In most slots tournaments, players are given a certain number of coins or credits, a limited amount of time, and are allowed to play on only one type of machine. In most tournaments, they can choose how many credits to wager each time and they can control how quickly they play. Other than that, they cannot affect their play. At the end of the set time, the player with the most credits wins the pot.

There is some strategy to playing in a slots tournament. Mainly, the idea is to bet the maximum bet as many times as possible in hopes of hitting a good jackpot, and to hope that all of your opponents do worse than you do.

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